Do you know all the ways to fish in the river Google? Are you in the right location? Are you using the right bait?


Finding and attracting the right customers to your online business and getting them to buy your products is difficult, especially if you don’t understand how search engines work.


To find and attract fish you need to know how about spearfishing and fishing with a net. Spearfishing involves paid advertising/pay-per-click (PPC) where you pay per spear. Whereas fishing with a net involves attracting fish organically using search engine optimization (SEO).


In this video, I continue with my fishing analogy to demystify how Google search works. I take key points from Chapter 1 of my book, ‘Salmon Fishing in the Google,’ and share ways in which you can fish in the river Google effectively.


You can become a skilled fisherman, and have salmon/quality customers find you!




In this episode find out about:

  • - How the Google river works for a search query
  • - The different ways in which you can fish in the river Google
  • - The key differences between spearfishing (paid advertising) and fishing with a net (organic SEO)
  • - How both approaches can help you attract the right kind of fish for your business
  • - How to weave and cast your net by using SEO to improve visibility in organic search results
  • - Why it is important to become a ‘salmon whisperer’ and attract salmon that are swimming nearby

To check out the video, Author’s Note, from the book, click here. For more on the Introduction, click here.


EP 14 - Twitter 2-1


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