Could Google make your business virtually invisible?


These days, people don’t use phonebooks to find companies. Instead, they go to Google to search for the services they need instead.


For a consumer, this system couldn't be any more efficient. With a few clicks on a phone or computer, they can not only find local businesses to visit, but they can get the products they desire delivered right to their door.


It’s great for business owners too. They can connect with customers that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise if they follow Google’s strict rules.


Unfortunately, unless you’re knowledgeable about how Google works or SEO, you could fall into the pitfalls that many business owners do and find yourself falling off the virtual map.


I have friends who this happened to. One day their business was going better than ever, and the next, their sales stopped altogether. It was almost as if they’d never existed. They went from 3,000 sales a month to none, overnight.


Like many companies, they’d accidentally broken Google’s rules about how to manipulate the ranking order and therefore dropped from page one.


Fortunately, all of this can be avoided by taking the time to understand Google’s complex algorithms. This is why I’m bringing out a second edition of my book, ‘Salmon Fishing in the Google’, which is all about the main aspects of marketing your business on Google.  I can’t wait to share it with you all.


Until then, grab your bait, grab your tackle and I’ll meet you back here by the banks of the river Google.


EP 10 - Video


In this episode find out about:

  • - How Google could make your virtually invisible
  • - Why it’s important to adhere by Google’s rules
  • - What my new book has in store
  • - How Google can help businesses 


Salmon Fishing In the Google Version II - Coming Soon


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