Is it time to upgrade to a Global Site Tag?

Posted by Helen Nicholls on 23-Oct-2018 11:53:01


On a regular basis our Pay Per Click team receive updates and recommendations from our Support Account Manager at Google. Recently there have been a number of changes both on AdWords and Analytics conversion tracking.  The main update and point of discussion today is the Upgrade to a Global Site Tag.

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4 Ways Hotels Get Google AdWords Wrong and How To Fix Them

Posted by Peter Preston on 28-Apr-2016 08:25:24

Google AdWords is a great way to get more direct bookings. These three inside tactics can help your hotel get more clicks for less money while avoiding costly online travel agency fees.Open for Customers flower shop

Setting up AdWords isn't as simple as Google says and often the advice you get is focused on getting your campaigns up and running quickly. Speed isn't always a good thing, especially if you're not moving in the right direction.

There are ways to improve your AdWords experience and turn it into a money maker, not a money pit, for your hotel or property.


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