How to land Enterprise customers with OrgChartHub + HubSpot

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 21-Sep-2022 08:03:07
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Get Started - Reporting Dashboards in HubSpot

Posted by Helen Nicholls on 14-Sep-2018 15:29:17

Let's face it, finding a value-driven reporting dashboard for a small agency can be difficult, to say the least. You may have tried and tested lots of free tools and plugins, and found that you still can't reach the data you're after. But, have you dived deeply enough into HubSpot's own reporting to really appreciate the value of the new tools? and how to create beautiful client Dashboards? Well, if not, now is the time to get started!

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Google For Kids - Kiddle Is Here

Posted by Helen Nicholls on 10-Mar-2016 13:12:09

Just a quick update on a very cool new tool I've found which allows our little ones to search the internet in a 'child friendly' environment. It's call 'Kiddle'. Kiddle is the 'Google' for kids. Although not created by Google it uses Google safesearch and has an embedded Google Search bar. With similar logo colours and a cool outer space robot theme Kiddle has a similar menu to Google and allows kids to do a Web, images, news or video search.


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Marketing Reports: Which Metrics Matter?

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 26-Jan-2016 00:32:10

Like a journey to get from A to B, your Business has a plan and within that plan is a Marketing Plan. Does that describe your business? In theory all businesses work to a plan, yet with the many hats a business owner wears, the plan can be a constant nagging thought that you know is important yet the daily bustle makes it hard to focus on it.

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