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Digital Marketing Audit

A digital marketing audit is a comprehensive analysis and full details report of the practices, strategies, and outcomes a business has undertaken to establish and improve its online presence. The audit also offer insights concerning the status of the business' digital strategy as well as actionable steps for improvement.

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Dennis Ottey, Dott Digital Marketing, LLC


Dennis OtteyI recently contracted HubDo to complete my second Digital Marketing Audit (known also as 'Total Online Presence Audit' or TOPA). After the first one, I was convinced that this is the very best way to develop a strategy. Strategy is a nice concept, but a to-do list of actions to take, that will have real impact on a business, is a much tougher task. The HubDo DMA was delivered with a 17 - slide Power Point Presentation and PDF. Each slide was a clear description of the good the bad and the ugly. As an agency, it allowed me to demonstrate my depth of knowledge on digital marketing strategy and the tasks required to succeed. More importantly, it helped provide a roadmap for engagement with the client. The team at HubDo are knowledgeable and took the time to go through the results until I felt comfortable delivering the report and recommendations. The last one resulted in an annual contract for Dott Digital Marketing. I highly recommend the Digital Marketing Audit (or TOPA) from HubDo!

Dennis B. Ottey
Dott Digital Marketing, LLC


Vanessa Geraghty McGann, Vivacity Marketing


Vanessa Geraghty

I have used the Hubdo team to do Digital Marketing Audits for two of my clients so far. The team are very thorough, they take the time to explain the results to you and it was a really fast turn around.

My client had clear actionable steps and recommendations then to improve and enhance their online presence.



Vanessa Geraghty McGann
Vivacity Marketing


Joanna Sharma, Drum Digital


Joanna Sharma

I have recently on-boarded a new client as a part of my strategy development Hubdo conducted a Digital Marketing Audit, which reviewed the digital assets used by my client and provided a summary of their findings and recommendations.

This was a great help to the speedy development of a strategy, which saved me a lot of time. I was able to incorporate those findings into the overall strategy. This was a valuable part of my strategic process and I would highly recommend HubDo.



Joanna Sharma
Drum Digital


Website Development

Myrna ArroyoWorking with HubDo on my client's website was a breeze.

When I first started the website re-design project for my client SafetyPro Resources, I was worried about how communication would work with a remote team based in the Philippines from the US.
But from the beginning, the HubDo team kept me updated each step of the way, met all of our deadlines, and were a joy to work with. I've found it much easier and faster than other web design projects I've outsourced to local firms in my area.
My client was thrilled with the finished website design, which was done on time and on budget, and it's getting great results for him. Highly recommended.


Myrna Arroyo
Pepper Inbound Marketing


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