A Pillar Page is the basis on which a topic cluster is built. The Pillar Page itself is a form of a  micro website and includes extensive content, links to relevant content and contains a CTA offer. It covers all aspects of the topic on a single page, with room for more in-depth reporting in more detailed cluster blog posts that hyperlink back to the Pillar Page. Pillar pages broadly cover a particular topic, and cluster content should address a specific keyword related to that topic in-depth.

Linking SEO, Marketing Technology and the Inbound Approach:

The HubDo Pillar Page Strategy offers a well-researched approach in choosing the core topic as well as creating the page content and design for your business campaigns. This service covers a detailed keyword plan report, core topic analysis, strategic recommendations, composition of long-tail keyword cluster topics and the *creation of a Pillar Page in your website. The goal of this service is to provide feasible and highly competitive Pillar Page strategy for your HubSpot marketing campaigns.

How HubDo delivers:

The HubDo Pillar Page Strategy delivers a search engine-centric marketing strategy that will target organic traffic and leads for your campaigns.

  1. Keyword Research of up to 10 core topics related to the business/planned campaigns
  2. Additional list of 20 long-tail keywords that will be used for cluster topics
  3. Activation of Pillar Page Strategy in HubSpot CRM using the approved keywords
  4. Composition of professional content using the approved core topic
  5. Setup of Pillar Page with the approved *template in HubSpot

NOTE: *FREE Pillar Page Templates are available within the HubSpot Marketplace.

Both HubDo Pillar Page options include the implementation of the FREE template into your HubSpot Portal however only Option 1 offers a full design update to ensure the template matches your own website style, menus, colours, global header, footer etc.

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