Facebook Advertising Campaign Setup (Standard & Complex)

Facebook Search, Lead, and Caroursel Ads

Facebook Standard Description

 The "Facebook Standard" management service maintains a single campaign and budget. Single campaign, meaning after initial social media strategy have chosen the following individual campaign:

  • Conversion/traffic campaigns - Drive traffic to home page/landing page and track campaign performance via Facebook conversion pixel
  • Page like campaigns - Increase Facebook page audiences
  • Lead Ads (Lead collection form campaign) - Highly Recommended
  • Video View Ads
  • Mobile app downloads
  • Event Ads
  • Local awareness Ads (click to call)
  • Ecommerce - catalogue upload

Facebook Complex

For Facebook campaigns requiring a Complex service, are those with multiple campaign types with individually managed budgets, Ad creative and custom audiences.

Work All Facebook campaigns against the following audiences:

- You can find people on Facebook who are likely to become customers by creating a Lookalike Audience. Lookalike Audiences find people similar to the ones that you're already connected to, such as your customers or people in a custom audience.

- Remarketing. Target those who have visited your website and have not purchased on your site or have not converted with a promotional offer via Facebook

Facebook provides an unbeatable opportunity to put your company in front of a well defined audience at relatively lower cost compared to Search Engines.

A unique set of regularly updated or changing Ads, multi locations and budgets or settings will require additional time each month. The complex service therefore allows for the extra time to monitor and manage these unique/complex accounts and for the additional monthly reporting on progress & results. Complex Facebook Advertising campaigns also includes weekly/fortnightly conference calls which are needed with managing a complex account.

NOTE: There is a Setup Cost for Facebook ADS and we require a minimum of 3 months Retainer Contract for the ongoing service. If you require just the Setup Service only - as a stand-alone service, please request a quote directly to helen@hubdo.com


Standard Facebook Ads

Setup = 3VP

Monthly Retainer = 3VP

Complex Facebook Ads - Multiple Campaigns

Setup = 5VP

Monthly Retainer = 5VP

We request 30 days notice of cancellation of service. Our wholesale costs are subject to change at any time.

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