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google-partner-RGB-searchHubDo is proud to present our Specialist Providers for all your Google Ads needs. Our preferred specialists have been selected by HubDo to support the Agencies and Consultants we already work closely with. As individuals with extensive experience and qualifications, Google certifications for Display, Search, Shopping Ads etc. please refer to the unique landing pages for more information to decide which specialist is the right one for you.

HubDo has been a qualified Google Partner since 2013, managing over $4M in Google Ads Campaigns. 

Specialist Services

Each required service will be individually scoped and quoted to suit the needs of your client. We'll connect you with the right specialist so you can discuss the service and required outcomes.

Our specialists will then provide you with an overview of the discussion; the scope of work and quote. HubDo will follow this with a formal agreement to confirm details, terms and conditions, delivery dates etc.




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Consultant, Peter Preston - Localtag - Australia

"It often feels like anyone with a laptop and an internet connection is in the PPC management space, but Troy, the PPC Manager at HubDo has been the best resource for me to help my clients grow their businesses using search engine marketing. 

Troy has guided me and given me the confidence to provide PPC and SEM services to a variety of businesses. From local dental practices to international startups, Troy's work has been awesome. 

One particular client always comes to mind when asked about HubDo and specifically, Troy's experience with PPC.  We took over an ad account of a business that was doing ok. After three years of working with this company, return on Ad spend was up 47%, total spend was down 27%, and Ad spend as a percentage of revenue went from nearly 7% to an average of 2.4% on a rough annual revenue number of 2-3 million.  Amazing work.

The best part for me is learning from Troy. He's very open and has a great enthusiasm for learning and sharing.  I know enough about PPC on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to be dangerous. Troy helps me understand what's happening in each Ad account and why. And most importantly, he keeps my clients happy."


Consultant, Vanessa Geraghty - Vivacity Marketing - Perth Australia

"I have been using HubDo for my clients PPC campaigns for a couple of years now. Troy, HubDo's PPC Manager is really a true master at what he does! I have run such a wide range of campaign types now with Troy managing these for me, as I have a wide portfolio of clients.

We have run campaigns across Google Search, Google Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads and Google Display Network. Troy always maximises my spend per client so that we are getting the most conversions possible for my clients. We meet regularly on a call to go through client campaigns and Troy pulls together really detailed reports for me at the end of each month so that I can present them to my clients. Thanks to Troy and the team at HubDo for the amazing service that you provide!"