How we Build Websites

websites by hubdo made easy

As an Agency Consultant or Business Owners you may expect your website build to be a complex process that will take a lot of time, energy and money without the assurance of getting results that you imagine. HubDo makes the design and building easier and smoother by managing web development step-by-step approach. Here's how:

Our easy approach to building optimised, lead generating websites can be summarised in 7 steps:

  1. Fill out Website Brief:
    Based on the info you share with us in the brief, we may ask additional questions to make sure we clearly understand your needs, to then scope the project for you and prepare a cost estimate/quote to design and build it.
  2. Confirmation of the Project Scope and Quote:
    Once your questions are also answered and you are happy to accept the estimate, we will issue an invoice for 50% of the project value and proceed immediately to the next steps.
  3. Content Collation and Intake Stage: 
    By a collaboration project on our Basecamp tools, we will collect all relevant imagery, visual content, and all the graphics you have available and can potentially be used in the website build. 
  4. Design Stage
    • Two (2) initial design studies: 
      HubDo will submit for your feedback, 2 draft designs for the Home Page layout. The Website Theme will be selected to align with the web design drafts, ensuring that the logos, colours and structure is parallel to the client's style guide.
    • Up to three (3) design revisions: based on the drafts, to create an overall preferred design -
      HubDo will take your feedback on the preferred elements of each of the initial designs, to create a single combined design. This combined design can undertake another overall deisgn revision to complete the design. A third and further additional revisions are welcome, these additional revisions are not usually necessary but re available if you wish, at additional cost. 
  5. Build Stage
    • Setting up the pre-live Staging Site - This is the step where HubDo will setup the Staging Site, commence with the application of the website theme (for Wordpress our default Theme is the very flexible DIVI Theme from Elegant Themes. Where needed we also add plugins and widgets, and activation of Yoast SEO.
    • Development and coding - Here we convert the look of of the home page design into code as a live website starting with the Home Page, planning of other internal pages, image size reduction for online speed, social media platform integration and addition of other relevant plug-ins to support the design.
    • Finalising Content - Review and Quality Assurance (QA) check of all pages, content and images, final content revisions and updating or changing of content (if needed), and ensuring the website is mobile friendly.
  6. GO-LIVE Preparation
    1. SEO preparation - Here we will coordinate with you regarding necessary steps as a foundation for good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This includes Google Analytics and Search Console Tools, Site Map submission to Google and updating old page names, URLs to the new website format, checking and reviewing of MetaData and checking redirects if needed. 
      • Ensure that correct plugins and tracking codes are installed and configured
      • Check the impact of any URL changes and Redirects based on Google's indexing of the existing site
      • Check site speed to meet Google expectations
      • Check overall site settings (including timezone)
    2. Final Quality Check and Approval for GO LIVE 
      At the final step, we will undergo a complete page load speed test and address any issue that may arise, check mobile responsive to any screen size, make a final review of all website content and ensure that all tasks are done before we GO LIVE and install the move to the new site when everything is done and dusted.
    3. GO-LIVE!
      With all preprations completed and the appproval from you to take th website live, we will activate it and test for stability and performance.
      Normally we will do this mid week, leaving the opportunity for feedback and rectification of any unforseen issues prior to a weekend.
  7. Handover
    1. Familiarise with your new Website Session -
      We will take you through your new website via Skype or Google Hangouts for up to an hour,
      This is normally more than sufficient to understand how to manage your new site. Additional training is available on request at additional cost.

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