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Get the professional services you need, when you need them, from HubDoWorks. If you're looking for writers who will support you for specific content or unique vertical topics, look no further.

We've found exceptional talent from around the globe, to provide your clients' with the content they require to be a step ahead of the rest. The partnerships we've made now allow us to connect you with the right content writer, be it for Health, Beauty, HR, IT, Corporate, Technology, Martech, SaaS, B2B and more. 

And, we remove the friction of dealing with multiple vendors, freelancers and contractors to service your clients. We connect your agency to vetted professionals with a simple, structured pricing system and just one unified point to manage, pay and ensure quality.

Chris Melotti 

Christopher MelottiChris Melotti from Melotti Media Copywriting works with you to create and achieve Content Marketing goals.  His high-quality copy and content engages your audience, improves customer retention and supports lead conversion. 

Chris provides highly professional services for your business; fast and efficient turn-around of projects and exceptional quality of content through years of professional experience and marketing expertise.

Chris is based in Sydney Australia and would love to discuss your content requirements. See more information on Melotti Media here.

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Maggie Harris

MaggieHarrisMaggie is an Australian author, content writer and marketing specialist with over a decade’s experience in turning industry babble into readable content for regular humans.

She’s an expert in crafting bespoke, tailored content with flair; content which generates leads and drives sales through telling your brand’s unique story and developing an effective content marketing strategy.

She’s a little on the quirky side, a self-confessed ‘word nerd’, and relishes the opportunity to weave text into content magic. 

Read more and connect with Harris Content & Copy here.


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Tracey Stepanchuk

tracey stepanchukLet me free up your time by creating assets to position your company as an authoritative provider.

When you work with me, you get the benefit of:

* 38 years’ writing experience for clients on 4 continents

* A Bachelor’s degree in English and Communications

* A Business Management Certification, and Diplomas in PR and Journalism.

Put my corporate management background and hands-on IT experience to work for YOU. These allow me to understand your writing requirements from both sides of the table, and to write authoritatively on a range of tech topics, including:

MarTech | SaaS | Healthcare IT | CX | UX | 

CDPs | AI | ML | CRM | Big Data | BI | Predictive Analytics

If you're needing Technology content and would like to know more about Tracey, visit her page here.

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