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Social Selling by Tribal Impact

Learn How to engage best-fit Clients

We believe it’s time to put employees in front of the logo.

At a time when B2B buying decisions are increasingly influenced by trusted networks and social endorsements, it’s more important than ever that businesses shift their social media strategy towards a holistic social business approach.

Here's a quick introduction by Sarah Goodall.

And feel free to look around the Tribal Impact Website

In August 2018, Sarah Goodall ran a Social Selling Masterclass for HubDoClub.

She has also put together a list of Tribal Impact's popular services which would suit the needs of a Marketing Consultant wanting to grow through Social Selling.


Social Selling services for Smaller Agencies

Sarah recommends considering the following services from Tribal Impact.

Each of the above items can be ordered in HubDo Value Points, by Agencies who are members of HubDoClub on HubDo Agency training programs and users of HubDoWorks services.

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Key Components of Point Pricing Lite

Value Points Catalogue

Use with the HubDo VP Catalogue which lists recommended services in Value Points

Sample Client Communications

How to discuss Point Pricing with your Clients

Point Pricing Prospect FAQ

Answering key topics including What is Point Pricing? and What's the value of switching to this model?

Sample Terms of Agreement

Clear guidance on handling points not redeemed, crediting, cancellation and expiry

Another Product or Content Offering

Center Layout

Everything you need - just point and click.


We've increased sales for all of our clients


We've worked with this company and they helped us through the process with excellent serivce and support. We've seen over 200% ROI on our investment.


John Doe

CEO, XYZ Company

We had a difficult problem that needed a unique solution and they knocked it out of the park. We came in on time, on budget, and far exceeding expectations. I couldn't recommend this company enough.


Jane Smith

CEO, XYZ Company

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