HubDo's assisted technical guidance to properly configure the HubSpot software, kick start your main tools to prepare you towards starting your first campaign by enabling the HubSpot tools on your Basic, Professional or Enterprise portal setup.

What is included in a HubDo Hubspot Basic Onboarding?

For Hubspot Basic, with your input, we will deliver the following tasks for you:

  • Setting up of your account including Basecamp connection to your Inbound Marketing Manager and Support Team
  • Invite from our team to your HubSpot portal
  • Kickoff Call to review your templates
  • Connect your social accounts
  • Set up your Analytics tools
  • Confirm your target domain
  • Confirm time zone
  • Install HubSpot tracking code to your website
  • Connect to Google Analytics
  • Filter out internal IP addresses
  • Set up your Content tools
  • Connect your domain (or subdomain) x 1
  • Add an email sending domain - Cpanel required
  • Verification of send email address
  • Upload your logo and favicon
  • Define your physical address and email types
  • Configure your blog settings
  • Install the HubSpot Collect chrome extension
  • Review and connect with all applicable integrations from your current website
  • Set up your Contacts tools
  • Go live on preferred date approved by client

NOTE: What's NOT included in our Onboarding

  1. Website Migration
  2. Blog Migration
  3. Template creation or stylisation (e.g. buttons, Beacons, banners etc) 
  4. Custom design changes
  5. Email templates - build or redesign
  6. Campaign Setup

**HubDo also offers HubSpot Professional Onboarding - please request a Quote by contacting


HubDo or Hubspot? - How our Onboarding differs

To allow a comparison of tasks and service inclusions please note the details of how Hubspot onboards a new account with their current costs in US, GBP & AUS$

What: HubSpot BASIC Onboarding 

HubSpot Cost: UK£490, AUS$810, USD$600

HubSpot will provide Support guidance from an Implementation Specialist, learning resources, and actionable projects. HubSpot will assist you with technical setup and the launch of your first conversion path. HubSpot will use the Inbound Methodology to teach you how to think strategically about your inbound efforts and implement the HubSpot software.

What's Included: Supports focus is purely based on technical troubleshooting and advance product questions. For projects the agency would train the end client/guide them through it (support will never do the work, they show the client the door and they walk through it). Basic on-boarding is very automated and their Customer Success Manager (CSM) will connect with the Basic client once every 90 days.  

  • Up to (1) session per quarter for assistance with technical setup and implementation of HubSpot tools and methodology
  • Full access to all of the HubSpot Support Tea
  • Access to the abundance of resources from the HubSpot Academy Team
  • Each customer (regardless of product level) is allowed 1 full migration (up to 60 pages free). This can include a full website or just a blog. We do not do partial blog migration. IE: "I only want these 20 pages moved". We do all or nothing

What: HubSpot PRO Onboarding 

HubSpot Cost comparison: UK£2,450, AUS$4,050, US$3,000

Professional Onboarding Overview - HubSpot Support assistance for your DIY Onboarding

With the help of an Implementation Specialist, you will receive both technical guidance to properly configure the HubSpot software, and campaign assistance to leverage the HubSpot tools and Inbound Methodology.

What's Included:  The difference between Basic and Pro is the on-boarding (referred to as Direct Onboarding, sold by HubSpot or Agency).  Pro clients are onboarded for 90 days with a dedicated implementation Specialist (IS), these are weekly calls to get the client technically setup and the first campaign launched. Then the Pro client would be passed to a CSM for 6-8 week strategy calls.

  • An assigned Implementation Specialist for the first 90 days from the start of your HubSpot Professional Subscription Service
  • Your Implementation Specialist shall provide:
  • Assistance with the technical setup associated with the Professional HubSpot Software and any other HubSpot products purchased at the same time
  • Advice and guidance on integrating your existing CRM or other systems with HubSpot
  • Guidance on developing, managing and executing one (1) inbound campaign
  • You will also receive on-going access to resources including:
  • The HubSpot Support Team
  • Certification courses, documentation, and training programs from the HubSpot Academy Team
  • The HubSpot Customer Success team


How To Order From HubDo

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