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a foundation layer for building your online visibility

This is an ideal service for a local business which services a geographical location. We've built an extensive set of marketing tasks, customised per industry and location, to optimise your online marketing. The HubDo Portal has hundreds of individual tasks undertaken by our HubDo Global Centre of Excellence (GCOE) team. Each SEO Specialist has extensive experience, efficiently completing tasks week by week throughout the month. Reports are auto-generated to enable data review as required by the client, e.g. mid-month, and/or end-of-month etc.

NOTE: *This is a basic SEO fundamentals service and does not include SEO Specialist services or individual Specialist reporting.

About HubDo Portal

HubDo Portal provides the foundation layer for building a websites online visibility. Business and Social listing (or Citations) are a big factor in visibility for small businesses and the portal caters to this, for all industries.

Containing hundreds of tasks customised as a workflow to suit your location and industry, the HubDo Portal supports a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach using your own time and resources, or a full Done-For-You (DFY) SEO service where a member of the GCOE SEO team complete these tasks for you.

Each Portal task includes:

About: This drop-down info describes the importance of the task and it's impact on your online visibility.
How To: This section describes the steps needed to complete the task.
Notes: To add any comments for reference at a later date.
Attachments: To upload a spreadsheet or document - etc

HubDo DFY Portal - Effort and ImpactEach Task also includes an 
estimated time/effort value, which indicates approximate time required to complete the task.
PTS - Points value which indicates the impact this task will have to the online visibility of your website.


**PLEASE NOTE: The PTS Points DO NOT relate to the number of tasks completed. Points relate to the VALUE each task has on impacting the online visibility of the website. (DIY Support via only).

HubDo Portal provides complete transparency of reporting for tasks completed each week. With comprehensive daily, weekly and/or monthly reporting. It's your one-stop portal for completing and measuring your marketing progress.


DFY SEO Product Deliverable

The HubDo DFY SEO Service includes an experienced SEO team member to undertake the completion of tasks in the Portal. To complete the whole service may take up to 6 - 8 months depending on the size of the website and industry competition. Ongoing tasks for the client include Blogging and Social Marketing (not included in the DFY service).


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