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Lead Generation Sales Training starts April 2019


Just some of the SILVERPEAK team at HubSpot Partner Day, Boston 4th September 2018.

HubSpot Partner Training in 2019

Start with a single Lead Generation Course over four weeks, beginning in April

Your Instructor is Pete Nicholls, a Lion Graduate, HubSpot Certified Trainer & co-founder of HubDo.

DanTyreThis course leverages the HubSpot Lion Curriculum for some of the content, including Pipeline Generation Bootcamp hosted by Dan Tyre.




  • Cost is USD$45 per person. Cancel with full refund if not happy in any way.
  • Intended for smaller HubSpot Partner Consultants who want to Grow Better Together.
  • Attendees are typically solo Agency Consultants or owners of smaller Agencies of 1-5 people.
  • If you stick with the weekly calls and homework you will also be invited to continue on for more stages of Sales Training and Delivery through October 2019 in the SILVERPEAK4 team (details below)
  • You do not have to complete the course, nor do you have to continue beyond the Lead Gen Stage.
  • Note that this training is highly interactive so you learn through role play. If you just want to watch the recordings this is not the course for you :)

Please fill out the form if you want to consider joining the next team.

What we cover in the 4-Week Lead Generation COURSE

This first single stage of HubSpot Partner Training ensures you:

  • Have a Sales Plan with weekly activity designed to get you to your goals
  • Gain the confidence in positioning your business and generating Sales Leads
  • Learn and use HubSpot Sales Tools as an example to your Clients and to grow in 2019

How long does it go for?

  • Complete several pre-requisites and then attend a weekly call for FOUR Weeks.
How do the weekly calls work?
  • In Asia Pacific you attend a weekly "East" call in your late afternoon / early evening
  • In Europe you attend a weekly "West" call in your late afternoon.
  • In the Americas you also attend a weekly "West" call, in your morning.
  • If you can't make one call, simply get up at a crazy hour and attend the other :)
  • All sessions are recorded for replay in the private Facebook Group just for this class.

What are the pre-requisites for the Lead Generation Stage:

  • Apply here and complete the application form  which covers the topic of confidentiality
  • You must be a HubSpot Partner with HubSpot CRM (Starter or above)
  • Complete the short Developing a Sales Plan course in HubSpot Academy
  • Pay USD$45 for the first stage. This is also collected in the Application Form when complete.

What WE Cover in the rest of the SILVERPEAK StageS

The SILVERPEAK Challenge started in late 2017 as an audacious goal to grow 20 new HubSpot SILVER Partners together, in time for INBOUND18 in Sept 2018. Borne out of the HubSpot LIONS program with Dan Tyre and David Weinhaus, SILVERPEAK is designed for small agencies.

So far 60 Consultants have joined the climb in three teams. Some were untiered HubSpot Partners and others were generally interested in becoming a Partner. To date, thirteen of these Agencies have reached HubSpot Silver, several are close to Gold and one Agency has made Platinum!

There is one SILVERPEAK4 class in 2019, starting with the Lead Generation Course.

Those continuing on for stages two through five will cover:

  • Persona Research and Uncovering True need 
  • Sales Process, Qualifying and Selling Value
  • Pricing and Packaging Inbound Services (based on the new course in HubSpot Academy)
  • Deliver Client Success
  • Overcoming Growth Obstacles

If you think you may be interested in joining, register interest via the form.

Is there a cost?

Yes and it's very affordable for even solo consultants and the smallest Agencies.

The first stage is USD$45 per person for four weeks.

For those continuing on SILVERPEAK4, the cost is USD$45 per person per month.

Additional costs would only be for various software tools you may need along the way, for example the most popular Proposal Tool is PandaDoc 4 HubSpot Partners at a discounted USD$45 per month per user - only for HubSpot Partners.

If you are not 100% happy or change your mind you can leave the course at any time.

WEBINAR RECORDING: PRO TIPS from the Silverpeak Team

On 12th September 2018 we recorded a live webinar to share the experiences and Pro Tips from the original SILVERPEAK teams, overcoming challenges in growing your agency.



Growing Together Webinar With HubSpot

Here also is a broadcast from HubSpot Sydney office, in FEB 2018 by HubSpot and HubDo discussing Agency Growth including the experiences of the existing first agencies on the SILVERPEAK Challenge. If you are interested in being part of the next SILVERPEAK Challenge, please fill out the form on this page,


About HubDo

HubDo works with Marketing & Sales Consultants who want to grow and are daunted or frustrated by what it takes to grow an Inbound Services Provider.

We provide programs, tools and services which nurture Agency Owners along their journey, supported in Collaborative teams.

As the only 100% wholesale-only Platinum HubSpot Partner we never compete with the Agencies we support.

HubDo is dedicated to helping Agencies Grow and to Deliver Client Success.

Pete Nicholls HubSpot Certified Trainer


Pete-Nicholls-Avatar-100Pete Nicholls
Director & HubSpot Certified Trainer


HubDo is also proudly earned the APAC  #1 HubSpot Agency Impact Award Winner for Q1 2018


What do the SILVERPEAK climbers say?

Agencies who have Now reached HubSpot Silver or Gold

  • Brilliant. So Valuable. Great for an agency that's where we were starting out, and doesn't know how to grow it. If we don't have a case study, be our own best case study, in a demo the other day were able to show our own portal working which is so powerful.
  • I like the community interaction, shared learnings, actionable outcomes and guest speakers. Good side tips and tricks too - good expertise from the team.
  • I'm certain it's been a big contributor to where we are now with CLARITY. The weekly calls and engaging the groups is sterling and had us thinking how could we do that for our customers. Silverpeak laid the seeds for all that. The longer term approach is helping. Incredibly valuable. Particularly what new partners need, and is about getting unstuck for us as an existing partner. That's the role HubDo is filling.
  • It's not just textbook training, it's from a tutor that has grown an agency, and been at the sharp end of marketing operations for his agency, so very relevant and can add practicality into the training. The theory has been really good.

HubSpot existing Agencies on their climb toward Silver

  • I've had a fantastic experience working with Pete on my HubSpot journey. I have loved everything about the engagement, right from the discovery sessions, to formulating buyer persons and strategy. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to grow their business using Inbound Marketing & HubSpot.

  • SILVERPEAK is really great. I've been talking to a lot of people about it. I really believe that groups like this as a community is the way forward. You learn a lot, so much knowledge that would take 20 years otherwise. It's the way that small agencies can survive and have competitive differentiation.

  • Very receptive learning, regardless of level, everyone is included.

  • Many reasons, making Agencies do their own marketing and also the bootcamp type activities for marketing and lead gen

  • HubDo understands the challenges small agencies face, and have developed an amazing program to support them. The expectations are clear and realistic, and the content is entertaining and helpful. Overall, I love what you do and can't thank you enough for allowing me to be part of this. If you need additional comments for a testimonial, look me up!

  • Becoming part of this group added value to my practice by connecting me with other marketers in the same situation and creating genuine relationships. I learned a great deal and liked the accountability to keep up the marketing for my own agency. Being a solo-entrepreneur made it hard to find the time to keep up and take full advantage.

  • Mostly has helped because of homework due for the meeting hoping to work more on our own inbound campaign knowing i have to reach this deadline was really helpful for me. Inspiring to hear the other agencies to show me what it can be like in a few years

  • 10 for sure :)

  • HubDo's in-depth training program plus strong commitment to being an accountability partner has been invaluable. Their curriculum has helped me close gaps in my own process and reinforced the systems, strategies and knowledge needed to effectively use HubSpot.

  • Love SILVERPEAK and love all the great support and communication from everyone on the team. I love the roadmap, the climb, the steps. I see the method and initially I wanted leads but I see we needed to first learn how to close, then generate leads. I enjoy the calls and everyone has been so helpful, I enjoy being part of the Community climbing together.

  • The sessions are clear and informative. In addition to the HubSpot Academy training system on its own, Hubdo presents a straight roadmap to tackle items in a logical order. Less confusing/overwhelming.

  • Great experience so far. Helping me recognize the gaps in my inbound marketing work. I'm on the first climb and already feel I can deliver a better service to my clients because of the HubDo training.

  • Pete's great. Very hands on. So far so good. Really great to simplify and iron out core processes of my company.

  • Pete is extremely patient and takes the time to explain everything. He is very organized and provides actionnable steps and homework to help you establish your agency. I believe the strongest asset from HubDo is that they focus on small agencies who are just starting out with HubSpot or looking to start.   I decided to become a HubSpot Partner and if you are just starting out, HubDo is a must. Their educational program is only as good as the success of their students so they work extremely hard to help you succeed.

  • Always great work, the friendliest and most helpful service EVER!

  • Very Happy about it, Accountability! Hard clear goal with a timeline, weekly meeting to review the progress Without the clear goal it's easy to start skipping sessions. That's before I knew about Silver but I wasn't working toward it proactively Just because somebody external set the goal, it has more impact.

  • Silverpeak is a great combination of group dynamics and instructor lead sales education. I picked up new ideas from every session.

Agencies planning to become a HubSpot Partner

  •  Pete is great. Kind, patient and always available to help. A really valuable resource for new agencies seeking to grow. Plus he has a deep knowledge of the Hubspot platform and he can provide great insights.
  • In just 4 short weeks so far, I've been able to rethink my business, adjust messaging, set goals and begin building a plan to reach them. Everyone can benefit from taking a step back and good look at what's working and what's not and spending more time working "on" their business vs "in" their businesses.
  • 10 absolutely. This has fundamentally changed my business without a doubt. I definitely recommend it but you also have to do the work, it's not going to happen on its own. The structure of the training is superb and the community of people you work with is appreciated.
  • Excellent service and support for scaling.
  • The structure and the discipline, plus additional Guest Subject Matter Experts
  • Excellent training, great accountability. Really like the way the program is structured - the sprints, with the basecamp, and the guidance on which courses to do.   Combined with the Hubdo service platform, allows me to have the confidence to promote additional products to clients.
  • The Inbound marketing education from HubDo is delivered by Pete Nicholls, an experienced Marketing and Sales practitioner. is very engaging and empowers the learners to go through marketing exercise of their own business in a practical way.
  • I would give a 9/10 as we just got started! I feel very supported by Hubdo's training and expertise. Pete is approachable and helpful and makes our training interactive and structure in a way that's easy to follow.
  • I score this highly due to the amount of efforts put in by Pete and team, attention to details, structured program, always there to help.
  • Knowledgable and experienced staff. Clear and concise training goals and outcomes. Timely follow-ups to questions. Reliable. Adds value to my business growth goals
  • It can be a bit lonely running your own company, if you have had a long time in corporate life with large teams and many colleagues. Hubdo puts me together with other businesses facing similar challenges of being better, more disciplined and organised in their own marketing efforts. I have really enjoyed Pete's advice, guidance and leadership and am looking forward to the rest of the Silverpeak climb.


Enquire about Lead Generation Sales Training for HubSpot Partners

I strongly recommend this program, you will learn so much and get a highly motivated and friendly collaboration network to lean upon as a small agency - so far it has been a invaluable experience.

Casper Kraken Casper Kraken
Bureau Kraken


This program has been very valuable. It has really helped me focus on the right things to set myself up for growth. Being a solo agency owner can be lonely and the Silverpeak group provides support plus a proven roadmap.

0-3Myrna  Arroyo
Pepper Inbound Marketing
Louisiana USA


SILVERPEAK is a great way to work through a clear goal, keep you accountable and have fun with an excellent support group.

Emilio-GarciaEmilio Garcia
South Carolina USA