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Do your potential customers hang out on social media? Want to drive more leads via Social Media for your clients? Talk to one of our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Service Providers about your needs. 

Each HubDoWorks Service Provider has been selected for their extensive experience and in many cases, long-term relationship with HubDo and many of our agencies or consultants we work with.

Contact us directly for more information or reach out via the specialists own information pages.




Specialist Services

Each required service will be individually scoped and quoted to suit the needs of your client.

We'll connect you with the right specialist so you can discuss the service and required outcomes.

Our specialists will then provide you with an overview of the discussion; the scope of work and a quote.

HubDo will follow this with a formal agreement to confirm details, terms & conditions, delivery dates, etc.


**NOTE: As HubDo offers a 'No Contract' approach to services, we request and appreciate 30-day notice of cancellation for all monthly retainer services.




Talk to a Specialist Today

Krishna David

Facebook Ads Specialist

My name is Krishna David. I am a certified Social Media Marketer across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads.  I started as a copywriter for social media content for local brands. I find the job challenging but very interesting. Adapting to the trends in the digital world, learning about the market and how you introduce one's brand has a certain fulfilment. I enjoy creating tailor-fit strategies and recommendations to clients.

Contact support@hubdo.com

Rachel Harvey

Facebook, Instagram Ads Specialist, UK

 I am a Facebook and Instagram Ad Specialist helping Marketing Agencies and SMEs produce paid social media advertisements. 

I can help you create highly targeted, outcome-driven, paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram with content tailored to your audience’s specific demands. The results of which will increase your chances of crafting messages that resonate with your desired audience and promote measurable click-through.

Contact support@hubdo.com

Troy Sawtell

Facebook Ads Specialist, QLD AUS

Troy has been working with HubDo for over 4 years and offers exceptional skills, experience and understanding of everything PPC. With over 10 years experience Troy is Google Certified across Shopping, Display, Search, Youtube, LinkedIn & Facebook.


Contact support@hubdo.com

How it Works

  1. Select a HubDoWorks Specialist in any discipline, whenever you need one. OR, ask HubDo to recommend someone.
  2. We'll connect you directly with that expert, to scope and quote the project or service.
  3. The HubDoWorks Partner confirms your quote with HubDo’s points-based pricing, payable through your HubDo account.
  4. Accept the quote and payment terms on a PandaDoc proposal, then work directly with your chosen specialist.
  5. HubDo tracks the success of each engagement so is here to help quickly re-align projects that are not running as intended. We also close the loop on the results of each, so we are always recommending the best fit for project success.
Agency Collaboration


Connect to the Freelance Specialists You Need, in One Place

Get the professional services you need, when you need them.

HubDoWorks removes the friction of dealing with multiple vendors, freelancers and contractors to service your clients. We connect your agency to vetted professionals with a simple, structured pricing system and just one unified point to manage, pay and ensure quality.

Offer a broader range of services to your clients, from HubSpot implementation and content creation to development work and beyond. Then, bring in outside experts and an expanded team whenever you need it, without the hassle of employing them.

If you're not already registered with HubDo to purchase services, either directly from HubDo's own in-house team or from a HubDoWorks Partner, please complete our short intake form today.

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