The Need For Speed

Website Speed Upgrade

by Prodigitas

Google recommends a speed of 85/100. Improving the speed of the Desktop and Mobile versions of the site is a lot more than just reducing the size of your images.

FROM *Cost: 5VP

The service includes:

1. Site backup

2. Testing Website Speed before optimisation

3. Removing unnecessary plugins and themes

4. Compress CSS, HTML and JavaScript

5. Enabling Gzip Compression

6. Optimize Databases

7. Optimising Images

8. Website plugins up to date.

9. Delete old post revisions. 

10. Delete spam comments if any.

Please be aware, post-service the speed of the website will have a noticeable improvement, however, this one-time service may not increase the speed to the full Google requirements of 85/100.

This is mainly due to the limitations around condensing or reducing CSS, Javascript code and the clients own Hosting service (server speed). Plugin overload and compatibility with the clients current Wordpress version may also affect the speed of the site. All efforts will be made to test plugins within this cost, however, an additional quote may be required for large numbers of plugins.

New images and video added to the website will continue to affect the speed. We recommend images are compressed in size prior to loading into the Media Library. Videos should be hosted on an external channel such as Youtube or Wistia etc and if possible an option to address the rendering of video and images on mobile should be addressed to limit continual rendering.

Prodigitas will require access to the CMS and Cpanel for the website to review the current standing of the site and offer a quotation.

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