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"Becoming T-Shaped"

To create a Unified Business, requires cross-skilling at least the leadership team, ideally everybody! To evolve from I-shaped specialists to T-Shaped, across sales, marketing and services.

Here is HubDo's recommended T-shaped reading list:

The "T" - All to read

book-start-with-why-simon-sinek-100x151book-find-your-why-simon-sinek-david-mead-peter-docker--100x151book-marketing-rebellion-mark-schaefer-100x151book-the-new-rules-of-marketing-and-pr-david-meerman-scott-100x151To Sell is Humanbook-the-contrarian-salesperson-jody-williamson-100x151book-the-new-rules-of-sales-and-service-david-meerman-scott-100x151book-the-ultimate-question-2-fred-reicheld-100x151

These links are for the audiobooks on Apple Store and all titles should be easily found on Amazon/Kindle too.

I personally recommend Audiobooks, as it makes use of valuable time spent commuting, walking the dog etc. With 8 books to cover, audiobooks enable most people to get through these in around 8-10 weeks: A T-shaped team in one quarter!

As your leadership team works through these titles, you can work on topics at the same time, such as "Finding the WHY" for yourself, your team and ideally your whole company.

I wish you the best of success in cross-skilling your team on your journey to become a Unified Business.

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Giving Good Businesses an Unfair Advantage.

As Mark Schaefer says: The most human company wins.

Pete Nicholls, Founder & CEO, HubDo.

T-Shaped Team Reading

HubDo's recommended reading for your I-Shaped specialists, to cross-skill and become T-Shaped.

Lead the change to become a Unified Business

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