This SEO service is ideal for start-ups, local businesses servicing a geographical location or those with a smaller budget for Marketing.

The focus of this service is on building a sound foundation for your online presence, ensuring the fundamentals of the website are sound, then building local citations or business listing site links. The service includes an extensive set of marketing tasks, customised per industry and location. 

As our team of SEO Specialists complete these tasks weekly throughout the month our systems generate automatic reporting, as required by the client, e.g. mid-month, and/or end-of-month etc.

NOTE: *This is a Basic SEO fundamentals service and does not include SEO Specialist services or individual Specialist reporting.

If you or your client require more extensive technical updates and full detailed reporting for an InterState or International business website we recommend our Intensive SEO service.


The HubDo Foundation SEO Service includes an experienced SEO team member to undertake the completion of optimisation tasks. To complete the whole service of around 300+ SEO tasks takes between 6 to 8 months depending on the size of the website and industry competition.

We recommend the addition of Blogs and Social Media updates to complement this service, (not included in this service cost/s).

Note: We require 30 days notice of cancellation or change to this service. By filling in the Intake form below you are agreeing to these terms of service.


PRICE: Setup & Service 

Setup = 1VP

Monthly Retainer = 2VP

We request 30 days notice of cancellation of service.

Our wholesale costs are subject to change at any time.

NOTE: As there is a Setup Cost for this service we request a minimum of 3 months Retainer.


Need to Cancel or Change a Current Service?

As there is a Setup Fee for getting started on any SEO service, you have the option to downgrade the account to a 'Maintain' monthly fee if you need to pause or cancel the services. The 'Maintain' fee will maintain the history of tasks, citations created and keyword ranking positions etc, already achieved. Please confer with your SEO Specialist and our Administration team to ascertain the situation, recommendations regarding the account and cost to maintain this history.

If the client decides not to take the 'Maintain' fee and returns for services in future months no further Setup fee will be necessary. However, if the account is cancelled completely and then requested to recommence in future months, a second Setup fee may apply.

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Once you submit the form a member of the Admin team will confirm details with you via email or Basecamp. 


How To Order

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