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DoPricer CPQ

A HubSpot pricing plugin for the manufacturing industry, ensuring sales reps send error-free quotes in no time.


DoPricer CPQ HubSpot plugin



Quotes and Deals Priced and Discounted



Hours Saved for Sales Teams

Manage it all in HubSpot

Our Plugins are managed inside your HubSpot Settings. Once you install and connect it to your HubSpot you never need to go to another website to update Settings or change price lists etc.

It's that easy!

Get Quoting, Get Deals, Get DoPricer.

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Effortless Quoting

Automate manual tasks, eliminate spreadsheets and streamline customer pricing within HubSpot.

Delivering HubSpot Plugins
Speed & Flexibility

Fast and accurate pricing every time with automated processes and predefined rules.

DoPricer CPQ 100% Accurate
100% Accuracy

New line items are automatically updated with the correct price, currency, & discount for each customer. 

DoPricer Testimonial and Case Study - Rivertrace

Rivertrace loves DoPricer CPQ

Read how this UK-based manufacturing company uses DoPricer to smooth out its quoting process.

Easy setup in any HubSpot version

Here's just 8 simple things you can do inside HubSpot if you have DoPricer CPQ and never think about it again:

Step 1:

Select a Price list for each Company


DoPricer CPQ - Select a Price list
DoPricer Set Company Discount

Step 2:

Set a list of optional discount % on individual products.

Step 3:

Set company discounts per Product Category

DoPricer Set Disc per Product Category
Set optional default discount per company

Step 4:

Set optional Company default discount %

Step 5:

Enable or Disable DoPricer for each Company

Enable or Disable DoPricer
Display discounts on each Company page

Step 6:

Display Discounts and Prices on each Company Page

Step 7:

Sets each Price to match the Company Price List

DoPricer Set Company Discounts per Product Category
DoPricer Set Product, Category, Default Discount

Step 8:

Sets Product, Category or Default Discount per Line Item

And finally...

Manage DoPricer in the HubSpot Integration Settings with a Master Switch to turn ON or OFF, without having to uninstall.


DoPricer > Settings > Master Switch Enabled

Knowledge Base

Setup DoPricer CPQ

Set-Up Guide for DoPricer CPQ

Your step-by-step guide to starting your DoPricer free trial subscription and installing DoPricer in your HubSpot Portal.


DoPricer installation next steps

DoPricer CPQ is installed. What next?

Congratulations on installing DoPricer by HubDo! Here are your next steps:


Create a Company View - DoPricer CPQ

How to create a Company view to manage Discounts

Setup a view in HubSpot to see all companies and their allocated DoPricer discounts


Automate customer pricing, empower sales teams, and build trust.

Try all DoPricer's powerful features with no strings attached