DoCurrencies updates all your active currency rates automatically, every day.


Currency auto-updates inside HubSpot!

Introducing DoCurrencies, the newest addition to our suite of HubSpot tools! Now you can effortlessly keep your HubSpot currencies always up-to-date. Our automatic updates provide you with precise currency information that is incredibly accurate and timestamped down to six decimal places.

Adding a new currency is a breeze - simply click on "Update Now" in your HubSpot settings and watch as your Deal pipeline remains current, regardless of the currency you choose. With the DoCurrencies Master Switch, you have the flexibility to enable or disable updates at your convenience.


Manage everything inside HubSpot

Once installed and connected to your HubSpot portal, you'll find everything in HubSpot Settings > Connected Apps - General Settings and Feature Discovery.


HubSpot General Settings - DoCurrencies
HubSpot Connected Apps > DoCurrencies Features

Easy Setup...

Confidently view your sales pipeline and forecast in your company currency, knowing that DoCurrencies updates your exchange rates automatically every day. Adding a new currency? Just hit the Update button in HubSpot General Settings.

DoCurrencies Automatic

DoCurrencies Updates your HubSpot Currencies every day - AUTOMATICALLY

Timestamped updates daily, to six decimal places

DoCurrencies Timestamped with Pipeline 1100 x 660 (HDM HubDo Marketplace)
DoCurrencies Update Currency

Adding a new currency? Press Update Now!


The deal pipeline in any currency you choose is always up to date.

Deal pipeline in any currency you choose is always up to date
DoCurrencies Master Switch

DoCurrencies Master Switch to Enable/Disable updates anytime

Each day DoCurrencies checks on your current settings for Company Currency and all other currencies in your portal. DoCurrencies then fetches the current exchange rates relative to your Company Currency and adds the latest rate to your currency history.  No configuration is necessary.

DoCurrencies always reads your portal currency list before updating.

...and it's FREE!

HubSpot relies on up-to-date exchange rates to accurately present your deal pipeline in any currency you choose.

Knowing that your currencies are up to date, you can rely on accurate deal value and weighted deal value for every stage of your pipeline view.

DOCURRENCIES SETUP GUIDE & General support information is available via our Knowledgebase