Keyword Plan - research and strategy

The research our SEO Specialists undertake include the use of many SEO tools which help us understand your client's current visibility, the business direction and the position against main competitors, etc. We complete a full review the client’s website, data review of Google tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console (if we have access), review of Competitors website's, the 'Keyword Effectiveness Indicator' (KEI), Local presence and ranking, search data etc. There will be a minimum of 30 keywords included in our Keyword Plan. 

NOTEThis keyword research report can take between 5 to 10 days to produce from the time of access to key tools.

The research and resulting report takes in many aspects including:

  • Keyword Plan Slide Presentation
  • Global and Local Search Volume and Competition Data
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Targeting Strategy and Recommendations

What comes with the Plan? 

The HubDo Keyword Plan delivers a detailed report that shows the most applicable and relevant target keywords for your business. The Slide Share PDF document is divided into two parts:

1. Audit report - slide set (or pdf if preferred) - including Broad Search terms and Long-Tail terms for blogging
2. 30 minutes presentation call.

If you're thinking of our Intensive SEO service, a full Keyword Plan is also included in this service.  Please refer to our Help document for more details on our Keyword Plan process for SEO services.

OUR Foundation SEO service includes a basic 30 keyword list.


The Cost of a single Keyword Plan = 2VP

How to Order

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