Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign


put to the test the proven inbound methodology for growing your business

Set your inbound plans in motion with guidance from an experienced Inbound Project Team and Hubspot’s learning resources and support team. We will assist you starting with completing your first campaign plan up to the launch of your new inbound campaign. Think strategically and use the Inbound Methodology to get quality leads in your new campaign.

What’s Included in the Campaign Setup with HubDo?

With your input in the Campaign Planner document, we will deliver the following tasks for you:

  • Full Campaign Setup using the Campaign Planner document accomplished by the consultant or the client as a guide. *Note: Blog content, social media content, landing page content and other copy will be provided by the consultant or the client.
  • If requested, a campaign can be managed using SCRUM methodology
  • Access to HubDo’s Campaign Planning documents & Tasks list - Easy allocation of team members or client to tasks.
  • Advice and guidance on integrating your existing CRM or other systems with HubSpot (Integration service is additional cost).
  • Managing and executing one (1) inbound campaign (creation of Templates - email and pages is not included)
  • You will also receive ongoing access to certification courses, documentation, and training programs from the HubSpot Academy Team 
  • Access to HubSpot Support

Know your Hubspot Portal

Know what’s included in your HubSpot plan before starting your campaign:

  HubSpot Basic
(Older versions)
HubSpot Professional HubSpot Enterprise
Mobile Optimisation x x x
Social Media x x x
Email Marketing x x x
Calls-To-Action x
Landing Pages x
Marketing Automation   x
Smart Content   x x
A/B Testing   x x
Contacts Reporting    
Lead Flows x x x
 Native Forms x x
 Blog and Content Creation Tools x x

SEO and Content Strategy

*1000 keywords maximum




Product Deliverable

  1. HubDo’s Campaign Planning - Project tools and documents
  2. Managing and Setup Campaign Tool - Please provide Campaign Plan doc and Buyer Personas details
  3. Creation of 1 Form
  4. Creation of 1 Landing Page, content supplied by the client
  5. Creation of 1 Thank You Page, content supplied by the client
  6. Creation of 1 Response Email and 3 Workflow Emails are included.
    *Note NOT included below
  7. Creation of 1 Workflow, content flow to be provided by the client
  8. CTA for 1 Campaign to be added to thank you page. - Content/image provided by the client.
    *Note NOT included below
  9. SEO Optimization of the landing pages for the Campaign including MetaData and Keyword Suggestions.
  10. Mobile Optimization of your landing pages using same chosen keyword/s
  11. Pre-GO LIVE Quality Assurance and testing
  12. Campaign GO-LIVE

What's Not Included:

  • Creation of templates for email or landing pages within a Campaign. (Please select Free options from the HubSpot Marketplace.)
  • New email template design and layout is an additional cost and can be quoted upon request - Content provided by client. 
  • Response email/s and workflow emails content - this is an additional cost and can be quoted upon request
  • Adding of CTAs to blogs and web pages  - this is of additional cost and can be quoted upon request


How To Order From HubDo

Interested to get started with HubDo - it's simple?

  1. Fill out the form below and we'll take you to our Campaign Setup Brief.
  2. Download our Campaign Planner to get your next campaign underway.
  3. Await confirmation of your Job/Quote/more Info

We aim to prepare your quote and setup your own Basecamp account within 1-2 working days. If you need something more urgently, please email 


Order Confirmation

  1. Accept our invitation to use Basecamp for our service communications - If you're a New Agency
  2. Add a new client item under the “Project & Deals” to-do list in Basecamp
  3. Address the job information with our Global Services Manager and our Controller to process your order
  4. Fill out the necessary information needed by HubDo to do the initial research through the intake brief.   
  5. Provide ‘Super Admin’ access to your or your client’s HubSpot portal. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add HubDo to a HubSpot portal with super admin access
  6. Accomplish Campaign Plan Sheet and share to HubDo your buyer personas and GO LIVE date for your campaign

Fill out the form below and we'll take you to our Hubspot Campaign setup Brief.