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Reasons to love PandaDoc

The Inbound Community’s Preferred Proposal Software, For Less

As an agency owner, you want an efficient and professional proposal and document process for your team and your clients. But you’re faced with restricting software licensing models and the inability to provide these solutions directly to your customers.

The HubDo Cloud helps agencies to simplify their solutions and add more value, by providing PandaDoc licenses with more features, for a lower cost than they can access on their own. 

How it Works

HubDo provides premium support and inbound software seats to agencies around the world, instead of just the 1-5 the typical agency needs. It’s a model that allows HubDo to provide a better rate and more features on the software you depend on to power your inbound agency.

What You’ll Get

HubDo provides Enterprise Plan seats of PandaDoc for HubSpot Partners, at less than the Business Plan price and with no onboarding fee. We also provide any technical or subscription support you need.

Additional Benefits:

  • Every Enterprise Plan feature enabled including Zapier integration

  • No minimum seat number

  • The ability to add additional seats at any time.

  • Multiple Workspaces to separate Sales Docs from HR & Finance Agreements & Demos

  • Design Guide with CSS to fast-track styling to your brand

  • Pre-loaded with Shared Folders: 45 Sample PandaDoc Templates + HubSpot Content

  • HubSpot Academy Pricing & Packaging Catalog and Example Proposals

  • Support for HubSpot Partners: Via Facebook, HubDo & PandaDoc Support

  • The ability to add Workspaces and seats to resell to your clients

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