Our three favourite new features in PandaDoc Editor 2.0 (EV2) for 2021

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three favourite new features - PandaDoc



PandaDoc Editor 2.0 was officially released in May 2020.

We affectionately still call it by the project name "EV2" as distinct from the Classic Editor "EV1"

EV2 has a lot more design flexibility then EV1, but during 2020 there were still a bunch of things we needed to do with PandaDoc that we could still only do using the Classic Editor EV1.

Now in 2021, the PandaDoc development team has pretty much delivered on the feature parity we needed. 

So as we make the jump to using EV2 by default, here are three cool new features we like best!

1. PandaDoc Canva Integration


PandaDoc Canva Integration is only available in PandaDoc Editor 2.0 (EV2)

If you’re trying to create beautifully designed documents within PandaDoc, but you don’t have a team of dedicated design resources, then the Canva integration might be just what you need.

Canva is the world’s fastest-growing online design platform that allows you to easily and quickly create high-quality graphics and designs, all without the need for expensive tools.

The PandaDoc Canva integration will take your digital documents to the next level by giving you access to Canva’s extensive library of graphics, illustrations, fonts, and templates that you can seamlessly drop into your PandaDoc.



Here is an example of what it looks like to create a design in Canva and publish it to a document in PandaDoc


We love using Canva within PandaDoc, to create a new graphic to add to a template, document or just for the content library, and saving it from Canva directly to PandaDoc.

And yes the PandaDoc Canva Integration works fine with the free version of Canva!

2. Attach Files


Attaching files to a document was possible in Classic Editor, but is much more visible in Ev2, sitting between pages within the main document, right where people want to see and download them,  

If you are busy sending files back and forth then you aren’t providing everything your client needs in one go.

Use the Attachments feature to add a file of any type (PDF, Word, Etc.) to your documents and templates to streamline your workflow. The file size can be a max of 50 MBs, and you can attach up to 10 different files per document.

Here is where you enable the Attachments app in your document


3. Quickly pre-assign fields


The ability to pre-assign fields was not possible in PandaDoc Classic Editor, but as of November 2020 is easy to do in EV2!

When you’re trying to get a document out the door fast, adding and assigning fields is a pain.

Now, instead of adding fields and clicking on them one by one to assign them, first choose the recipient and then add all of the fields to your document which that person needs to fill out or sign.

Once a recipient is selected, any fields added to the document will automatically be assigned to them.

[Editor 2.0] Assigning fields to recipients

At HubDo we are focusing our news on PandaDoc Editor 2.0 or EV2, because now that EV2 can do "pretty much" anything the Classic Editor EV1 could do, the main development work for more new features is all in EV2.

That covers  our three favourite newest PandaDoc abilities to create and send proposals faster in 2021.

What is coming up looks great too. We will share more when new features are released released in the weeks ahead.


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