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PandaDoc Set Up

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About this lesson

Here are the steps to follow to Set Up your PandaDoc.
Note that this must be done for each of your PandaDoc Workspaces that you plan to use.
  1. Settings
    1. Configure your Personal Profile
    2. Set your Signature and Initials Signing Options
    3. Set your Default Design Theme
    4. Set your Document Aut0-expiry options & notifications
    5. Set your Auto-reminder preferences
    6. Set your Default Currency
    7. Create any Document Auto-numbering sequences, such as proposal # and invoice #
    8. Optional: set localization (French or Italian)
    9. Activate or deactivate the Document Completion messages. (Recommend to be activated)
  2. Configure Branding
    1. Upload your logo for outgoing PandaDoc emails
    2. Upload your workspace icon (square)
    3. Set your Email Footer text for outgoing PandaDoc emails
    4. Option: configure your own white label sending email address (contact HubDo)
  3. Activate Integrations
    1. Integrate Stripe for accepting payments
    2. Integrate with your CRM
      1. HubSpot
      2. Pipedrive
      3. Zoho
      4. Copper (was ProsperWorks)
      5. Salesforce
      6. Nimble
      7. Microsoft Dynamics
      8. Nutshell
      9. Insightly
      11. Zendesk Sell (formerly BaseCRM)
      12. Sugar CRM
    3. Activate Zapier for automation
    4. Integrate Google to add PandaDoc signature capability to Google Docs
  4. Add your standard Products & Services to your PandaDoc Catalog

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