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"I can help you connect with your audience using quality copywriting."


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Christopher Melotti CMO of the year 2017My name is Christopher Melotti, the founder of Melotti Media Copywriting.

We are a boutique copywriting agency based in Australia, specialising in content creation for a wide range of clients across several different industries, platforms and sizes.

From advertising, marketing, corporate communications, messaging, editing, publishing, SEO, media, scripts and strategy, I've got your copywriting needs covered.

Building from a foundation of quality copywriting is essential. It's crucial that sharp communication and quality content is directed toward the right customers to reach them effectively.

Quality results come from quality copywriting - so contact me now!

I can sharpen your words to achieve your goals today!

Christopher Melotti 
BComm: Mtkg, MCommLaw, AMAMI CPM



Melotti Media Main Logo (1)Melotti Media Copywriting works with your business to achieve your Content Marketing goals and improve Return On Investment through quality copy and valuable content which engages your audience improves customer retention and supports lead conversion. 

We provide highly professional services for your business to improve your business’ copy and content through our years of professional experience and superior marketing expertise.



Services Available

  • Website copy
  • Advertising content
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Conceptual copywriting
  • Corporate communications
  • Product and services copy
  • Publications, PR and media
  • Review and editing services
  • Marketing plans

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  • 1 x 1000 words (+ social media instructions) = 7 VP
  • 1 x A website landing page copy for an event, + wireframe layout = 3 VP
  • 1 x EDM mailer email or template = 3 VP
  • 1 x Short video script (30 sec to 1 min script) = 3 VP
  • 1 x 3 FAQs for a website page = 3 VP

For a full scope of tasks, please complete the contact form and we'll connect you with Chris to discuss your needs.


AWARDS - As seen on LinkedIn Feb 2020

Finalist in Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2020

Chris Melotti - Small Business Awards 2020

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We asked Constantin the question "As an agency owner, what's it like working with Chris? 

Constantin Buda (1)
Constantin Buda
Vidalico Marketing, Finland

Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with. He's very thorough and professional, and his writing is great. My clients have been happy with Chris's content with no edits necessary. This certainly helps with my client relationships and it also makes for efficient working. I believe Chris goes above and beyond to nail a brief and do a good job. He's also fun to work with and seems to have bags of enthusiasm. I want whatever he's on please!

Alex Hutson
Alex Hutson
Bags of Enthusiasm

Chris is hitting home runs with his eyes closed! :)
He's is an excellent content writer and quite frankly the first one I've come across who dives into the material to ultimately answer a prospects question "what's in it for me".  His thought-process, as well as his word-smithing, is what set's him apart. Highly recommend.

Sonia Dumas
Sonia Dumas
Curio Haus Marketing, USA

Here at HubDo we work with many fantastic specialists.  None are more enthusiastic or supportive as Chris Metlotti. Having come to know Chris via the HubSpot Sydney Office he has been proven time and again that his energy, enthusiasm and professionalism is second to none.

Highly Recommend.

Helen Nicholls 900
Helen Nicholls