To operate as a unified business, you need to start with why. The problem that most businesses have though, is that they have no idea what their why is. When I meet with a business leader, I’m usually there to help improve operations within the business. I help different teams across the board ‘get on the same page’.

I often concentrate on aligning aspects of a business such as the sales and marketing team with technology to support what they do. However, whenever I meet a business leader, I always ask them the same question – why are you here? This question seems simple and yet, when I ask other members of the organisation the same question, I usually get completely different answers.


The lack of clarity on the ‘why’ is what leads to miscommunication and chaos within a business. Whereas, if everyone in the business knows exactly why they’re there and the purpose behind everything they do, everyone will find it much easier to work towards the common goal without any room for confusion.


So, what is it about operating as a unified business that requires you to start with why? This is the grand question I answer in this short and informative video.



Find out about:

  • - The importance of starting with ‘why’ and how it can help you to unlock the great potential that lies within your team and your business
  • - Why everyone on your team needs clarity when it comes to understanding your why
  • - How your why can help encourage people to talk positively about your business
  • - Why unified businesses should strive to break the mould and stand out from their competitors
  • - How to get clear on your vision and actively start working towards achieving your goals


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