Have you been researching proposal management software or other SaaS tools to improve your marketing agency’s processes?

If you’ve been seeing PandaDoc appear in searches, there are a few reasons why! This amazing tool can be used for far more than just proposal generation. Here are five creative ways to get the most out of PandaDoc:


1. Create Proposals

Agencies make a promise to their clients to deliver results, but it’s important that expectations are properly outlined. Not only does your agency have to define what exactly it is you’ll be doing to help the client, but specific SMART goals should be detailed to get you there.

PandaDoc can be used to create powerful proposals, which clearly define your agency’s goal for helping the client, what tactics you’ll employ to reach it, timeframes for completion, etc. 

Alternatively, your proposal may be centered around a specific campaign, like your social media plan for the quarter. Instead of putting this action-plan in a boring document or making a presentation in Google Slides, you can easily tack on a contract at the end of the proposal so that you can get the client signatures you need right away to start their work.

PandaDoc’s proposal templates can be used internally as well, for pitching campaign ideas or process changes. 

2. Generate Quotes

Interested prospects may want a formal outline of how much they’ll pay for their project or for their retainer contract before making any moves. Larger companies will need approval from higher ups, while others are getting quotes from numerous agencies before making a final decision.  

Whether the client wants a quote for a website build, design work or a video project,  your digital marketing agencies has a few quote templates to choose from with PandaDoc. Or, if you want to make your own variation, simply drag-and-drop your favourite parts into a new document to create a custom quote.

3. Outline Contracts

After your client has reviewed your proposal or quote, they are likely ready to sign a formal contract. This will detail all the terms and conditions of your partnership, including information directly from your proposal and quote sheets— which you can easily copy from your other PandaDoc document.

Get authentic, legal-bounding e-signatures with PandaDoc’s integrated signing tools, found right within the contract. The software can even toggle users directly to the signature fields to save time hunting for dotted lines.  

PandaDoc’s contact templates can even be used for up-sell documents, to update your initial agreement and add on additional services. Or, they can be used to lock in freelancers or contractors for tackling big projects past your team’s scope.

4. Share Invoices

However your client is paying, you can generate invoices on a consistent basis with PandaDoc. Whether they’re writing you a check every quarter or making monthly instalments, send you clients professional looking invoices with the help of this handy SaaS tool.

This interface’s simple and clean invoice templates can work for tax purposes too, allowing you to send separate files— detailing tax information for companies who need to file standalone tax documents. You can even give your clients a formal receipt of payment every time too.

5. Serve Forms

Stop hunting for IRS forms or having to print off, fill out and scan back the right paperwork. PandaDoc makes it easy to find popular forms like W-9, 1040, 1099 other tax forms and more.

For special events where you’re recording or taking pictures, like during a presentation, there’s photo release and consent form templates to choose from as well.

All our examples above are for agency in-house use. Creative options abound when you look at solving problems for clients using PandaDoc. For example, Rent Bridge in Dallas is saving smaller property management companies over $1,000 a day with PandaDoc as part of their Property Management Operating System

What could you save your clients by streamlining their documents?

Get More Done with PandaDoc for Less

PandaDoc allows you to do so much more than simply create proposals, and with so many sample layouts available, you’re sure to get creative.

With our team at HubDo, we can get you PandaDoc for less than if you went directly through them. 

Learn more about choosing PandaDoc with us and ask us how we can help your business save time and money, today. It can be a terrific asset to any agency’s toolset. 

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