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Award-winning Copywriter, Chris Melotti. Chris offers highly professional services for your business to improve your business’ copy and content through years of professional experience and superior marketing expertise.
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How Copywriter Helps HubSpot Agencies Unlock HubSpot’s True Potential

Posted by Chris Melotti on 16-Apr-2020 03:09:58

HubSpot is a powerful and innovative piece of marketing software. 

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Topics: HubSpot, Content, Copywriting

Is Copywriting Just Words? 5 Real Business Applications For A Copywriter

Posted by Chris Melotti on 18-Sep-2019 19:14:00

There is a misconception today that copywriting is words, but “just better”. While there is some basic truth to that, copywriting isn’t just fancy editing.

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Topics: Content, Copywriting

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