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Build a Winnebago: A Conversation on Partner Marketplaces

Kiflo on HubDo Marketplace



Pete Nicholls joins Kiflo for a conversation on Partnerships:

Learn from Pete Nicholls, Founder of HubDo, about how partner marketplaces will shift the landscape of partner ecosystems.

There is no denying that digitization continues to shape the design and management of marketplaces and ecosystems in the twenty-first century. Online markets have changed in response to the behaviors of the people who use them. For vendors, a healthy partner marketplace can be a great platform not only for finding new partners but also for creating ecosystems where partners can leverage each other's strengths....

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We've seen the success partnerships can bring companies.  And yet, time and time again, we see companies treat partnerships as an afterthought. 

The fundamental problem with this is that you're basically trying to bolt a caravan—or in this case, a partnership team—onto the back of the car. The car that's being driven by the execs, sales teams, and the like. 

Companies have to develop a true ecosystem mindset in order to see true growth and success. Basically, they need to put partnerships in the car with them. 
Partnerships need to be part of the A team and they need to be present in every department. 
This is how we get to a "Winnebago" model vs the caravan model, one that networks everyone to create abundant value for all.
Learn how to create a Winnebago partnership structure (and how to put the pedal to the metal) in my latest guest feature with @KifloPRM
Read the full article here and learn more about Kiflo on the HubDo Marketplace.