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Google For Kids - Kiddle Is Here


Just a quick update on a very cool new tool I've found which allows our little ones to search the internet in a 'child friendly' environment. It's call 'Kiddle'. Kiddle is the 'Google' for kids. Although not created by Google it uses Google safesearch and has an embedded Google Search bar. With similar logo colours and a cool outer space robot theme Kiddle has a similar menu to Google and allows kids to do a Web, images, news or video search.


When a child enters a query into the search bar Kiddle delivers some great results. Our team had a lot of fun researching the display and testing for results. We sampled a search for the term ‘boob’, who wouldn’t! The Kiddle result bought a cool broken robot image and a single line response asking the child to try again.


A search for ‘batman’ resulted in multiple pages of cool information sites, stories, comic links, toys, images, News articles and Youtube video links. Content is selected and checked by the editors of the site to deliver child friendly information pages written specifically for kids. “The first one to three posts to show up on a search will feature safe sites, says Tech Times, while the next four to seven will be written in a simple language. Eight onwards will be sites written for adults but filtered by Google safe search.”


Parents can feel more comfortable in letting the little ones near the PC when Kiddle is the preferred search option. We love it and can see a real need for a more ‘kid friendly’ internet environment. We think the kids will love it too.