Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur, a team leader, an employee or a stay-at-home parent, everyone has a WHY. Your why is the one constant that guides you towards true fulfilment in both your work life and personal life.


You can think of it as a golden thread that intertwines your thoughts, dreams, goals, and actions so that you can either knowingly or unknowingly drive towards the same purpose. Not everyone is conscious of their why and some people need a helping hand to find it. This is where you come in as the partner who is going to help a family member, friend, colleague or client look inwards during a deeply personal journey to help them finally discover their why.


Helping someone to find their why is a great honour. You’ll witness the moment their passion is renewed and suddenly everything comes into focus. They’ll see the world through a new lens and have you to thank for helping them unlock a deep-seated purpose, cause or belief within them that they had no idea even existed.


As Simon Sinek, David Mead, and Peter Docker discuss in their book, Find Your WHY, “The happiness in serving ourselves is real but often fleeting; the fulfilment in serving others is lasting.”


So, if you’re ready to host your first ‘Find Your Why’ discovery for an individual, watch this short video where I reveal six tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible.


HubSpot Video


Find out about:

  • - The benefits of being a partner for someone in a why discovery process
  • - Key chapters to read in the ‘Find Your WHY’ book when you’re helping someone to find their why
  • - The importance of active listening in your role as the partner
  • - What questions to ask someone to help them discover their why
  • - How to analyse what an individual is saying to find running themes throughout the discussion
  • - The final step in the discovery process and how to tie everything together to come to the right conclusion

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