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Choosing the perfect website Content Management System for your business can be difficult. Your CMS is the framework of your pages, blogs and marketing campaigns. If your website CMS can’t deliver all your marketing needs, your marketing strategies and effort will be useless.

As HubDo’s Marketing Technology Leader, I’m often asked why I recommend migrating our client websites into the HubSpot CMS. What are the benefits? Is the HubSpot CMS worth the cost? Will it give me better security and better performance? How about speed? The answer to all these questions is …... YES.

Here are the reasons why you should consider migrating your company website to HubSpot CMS:

HubSpot Speed and Uptime

Page Speed is critical to your website search ranking opportunity. In July this year (2018) Google released a notification update that page speed is now a ranking factor in mobile search results. Part of that update covered Speed and the quality and amount of relevant content on a website. With the increasing number of web searches from mobile devices Google’s focus shifted to include not only desktop performance but also mobile performance. Back in July 2016 ‘Think With Google’ wrote “People use their mobile devices to shop more than ever before. But the average mobile retail site performance doesn't live up to expectations—leading brands to lose customers and sales.”

This has driven HubSpot into creating a Hosting system with an advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is cached and supported globally. It is one of the most optimized content management systems on the market. It is high-performance and has achieved 99.9999% uptime in the past years.

You won’t experience this old scenario with HubSpot hosting…

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FREE SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

Last January 2017, Google set a requirement for websites that collect passwords and credit card information to be in HTTPS for secure data and browsing in Chrome. Websites without HTTPS will be considered as “non-secure” by Google.

HubSpot offers a FREE standard SSL service to secure all their hosted website content. With SSL installed, your website is protected from any potential online threats so you can focus on nailing your marketing campaigns without worries.

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Excellent 24-hour Support Team

One big advantage of hosting your website in HubSpot is having access to their outstanding 24-hour customer support team. If you need a quick clarification or have encountered an issue while updating your website, HubSpot support team is just a chat or a phone call away. In our experience, support service from software and IT providers can be slightly ‘hit and miss’ but HubSpot have nailed the level of support they offer.

customer support

No Coding Required

Code? What’s code? I hear you say! Even if you’ve got little to No knowledge of HTML, CSS, and coding, HubSpot CMS has got you covered! With thousands of free customizable responsive page templates in HubSpot Marketplace and using their simple drag-and-drop template builder, you can easily build your website pages without the need to code. Remember, if you get stuck, just contact Support! ;)


Smart Content and Personalization

In my opinion, the ‘pièce de résistance’ of the HubSpot CMS is the opportunity and creativity you can achieve by using Smart Content.

With your website now hosted on HubSpot, smart features, personalized content for forms, and calls-to-action (CTA’s) for different kinds of website visitors are options you’ll definitely want to consider using. The more your website is personalized to your visitor’s context, the more qualified leads you’ll get. This is a level you’ll want to ‘grow’ into as it is complex and the limitations are almost endless.

I recommend you take time to understand your website. Build your pages, create a small number of forms for campaigns, start to write blogs and as you become more accustomed to it all and you’re feeling much more comfortable in the CMS, then go look at the opportunity that Smart Content offers you.

Finally, the HubSpot CMS gives you a beautiful, easy to maintain, fast, secure, creative website. As a web developer, it’s the best platform in design and functionality that I’ve seen for small to mid level size businesses. My team loves to develop in HubSpot and our Inbound team are always finding creative ways to grow the site with landing pages and blogs - driving the Growth Driven Design to it’s boundaries. Check out our past efforts in our visual reasons why you should migrate to HubSpot CMS, take a tour on our HubDo Website Portfolio and if you’d like to talk to us about moving your own website into HubSpot or building a new site, we’d love to talk to you.

If you need a visual reason why you should migrate to HubSpot CMS, take a tour on our HubDo Website Portfolio.

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