Is it possible you could be annoying your customers? Having a loyal customer base will help spread word of mouth and increase your revenue. So how do you make sure that you are don’t do things that turn that customer away?


You may have loyal customers who are actually behaviourally loyal to you, simply out of convenience. However, once that convenience disappears, you will lose that customer. Building an attitudinal loyalty can transform your business. This is where customers are loyal to you because your company is creating a frictionless, low effort service and offering them something personalised or new.


A unified business thinks holistically about creating a stronger connection with customers taking it to the level of attitudinal loyalty. In this short video, I share some examples of the difference between behavioural and attitudinal loyalty in customers. I also reveal important customer research about the top 5 things that most annoy customers and what you can do to avoid it in your own business.


HubSpot Video


Find out about:

  • - The benefits of having a loyal customer base
  • - The difference between behavioural and attitudinal loyalty
  • - The Top 5 annoying things that turn customers away and creates disloyalty
  • - What steps your business can take to create a loyal customer base
  • - How to create a strong attitudinal link between the customer and the business


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