Your website is an essential component of your online visibility and business success. That’s why any tweak, update, or major change to your site should be an informed decision. I’d bet you’re reading this because you’ve opened yourself to the possibility of moving your website to another content management system (CMS) - like HubSpot.

Now you’re wondering: “Why on Earth should I consider HubSpot CMS?”

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Abridged version: Migrating to HubSpot is fast, hassle-free, and most importantly, reliable.

If you’re not sold yet, here are the benefits of a HubSpot website migration:

1. You’ll Have CMS + CRM in One Platform

If you have, or are growing to need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, then we highly recommend you run a trial of the FREE CRM with HubSpot.

HubSpot CRM is available as a single free edition which includes “lite” versions of select features in their paid products, denoted with an asterisk in the packaging tables for the Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs in their product and pricing catalogue here.

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Get HubSpot FREE CRM here

HubSpot are the leading platform connecting CMS and CRM. Once your website is on HubSpot, you can make the most of their smart features to personalise your offer and content, and effectively reach your visitors based on demographic and psychographic factors. Making your website as tailored as possible to your visitor’s context will eventually lead to having more qualified leads for your business.

2. You’ll Have a Responsive Website

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 Your website isn’t responsive? It will be, once you move it to HubSpot. More and more people nowadays are browsing the internet thru their mobile devices. Hence, it is imperative for your website to be responsive to all popular screen sizes so it can deliver the best user experience regardless of their device.

Check out HubDo's Website Portfolio Page - we've showcased our latest builds on HubSpot and Wordpress.


3. You’ll Have a Secured Website - SSL For FREE!

Security in the internet is continuously becoming an industry standard- GDPR was rolled out, and Google now requiring websites to be HTTPS. Your website can easily follow this protocol if you migrate it to HubSpot as it will automatically receive an SSL certificate for free. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) establishes an encrypted link between the web server and the browser and ensures that all data passed between the server and browser is private.

4. You’ll Experience a Hassle-free Website Migration

marvel-stark The Avengers are shaking in their boots when compared to HubSpot’s Migrations Team! The migration of your website will be handled only by the individuals who, as Tony Stark described, “were seasoned, highly-skilled, and quality-driven”. This is to ensure that your website will maintain its vibe and appearance. On top of that, your migrated website will be built to optimise usability to prevent you from scratching your head during updates. Their Website Technical Consultant will provide you with a go-live support for a smooth transition to your live site on HubSpot once the migration is complete.


5. You’ll Have a Rock-solid Support Team 24/7

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It is the goal of HubSpot to help you get acquainted with your HubSpot website as comfortable as possible. That’s why their brilliant, energetic, and responsive Support team will be there 24/7 for your queries, clarification, or whenever you encounter troubling issues.                                                                                                                                                             

Check out HubSpot's Product and Pricing Catalogue 


6. You’ll Be Tempted to Improve Your Site’s Quality

HubSpot is giving you a fair warning: Window shopping at their Template Marketplace can be addictive. Their Template Marketplace is overflowing with high-quality modules and themes- from simple and elegant to the complex and multi-functional ones. Most of these theme are either free or can be purchased very cheaply!

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7. A Professional Promise

HubSpot is known for their unparalleled quality and approach to website migrations. They’ll be with you from start to finish and will ensure that the entire process will be smooth and hassle-free. If you need one last reason to migrate your website to HubSpot, here’s a cherry on top: You can capitalise the platform’s website optimisation and customisation functions to further build your business website.

If you need a visual reason why you should migrate to HubSpot CMS, take a tour on our HubDo Website Portfolio.

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