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Reduce friction in the sales process with DoPricer CPQ

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Reducing friction and frustration is key to maintaining a smooth workflow and ensuring customer satisfaction. DoPricer CPQ plays a crucial role in reducing friction and frustration in the sales process by automating tasks, eliminating errors, and providing flexibility in pricing. This empowers sales reps to focus on building relationships and closing deals, while ensuring a positive experience for your customers.


Empowering Sales Reps for Success

With DoPricer, sales representatives can shift their focus from tedious administrative tasks to what truly matters: building relationships and closing deals. By providing accurate and timely pricing information, DoPricer ensures a positive experience for your customers, ultimately driving business growth.

Common Causes of Friction in Sales

1. Inaccurate or Slow Access to Pricing Information
   - **Challenge**: Sales reps often face delays and frustration due to difficulties in finding accurate pricing details.
   - **Solution**: DoPricer integrates seamlessly with your CRM, offering real-time access to precise pricing information based on predefined rules and customer agreements. This eliminates manual searches and ensures consistent quotes.

2. Manual Data Entry and Calculations
   - **Challenge**: Time-consuming manual processes increase the risk of errors and slow down the sales cycle.
   - **Solution**: DoPricer automates pricing lookups and updates, removing the need for manual data entry and significantly reducing the risk of errors. This saves valuable time for sales reps and minimizes delays.

3. Limited Flexibility in Pricing
   - **Challenge**: Rigid pricing structures often fail to meet individual customer needs, hindering deal progression.
   - **Solution**: DoPricer offers flexible discount structures, allowing sales reps to set up individual product, category, and default discounts for each customer. This tailored approach helps close deals faster.


Strategies for Reducing Friction

1. **Automate Pricing**
   - Utilize DoPricer to integrate with your CRM, automating pricing tasks, eliminating manual price lookups, and ensuring accurate quotes.

2. **Streamline Workflows**
   - By automating pricing lookups with DoPricer, sales reps can dedicate more time to building relationships and closing deals, resulting in a smoother workflow.


Additional Benefits of DoPricer

- **Reduced Quote Turnaround Time**: Automated lookups and instant price updates ensure quotes are generated quickly, keeping the sales cycle moving forward.

- **Improved Customer Satisfaction**: Accurate and timely quotes foster trust and a positive buying experience, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Incorporating DoPricer CPQ into your sales process can significantly reduce friction and improve efficiency. By automating pricing tasks and providing flexible options, DoPricer CPQ empowers your sales team to deliver better customer experiences and achieve greater success. Embrace the power of DoPricer CPQ and transform your sales process today. Connect with us today, see more details on our HubSpot Marketplace listing or directly on the HubDo Marketplace

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