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5 Software Tools Every Agency Salesperson Should Have

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Your agency has sales to make and your team needs a few handy tools to close new customers!

Many programs are software as a service (SaaS), wherein your company pays recurring costs for tools to help their salespeople succeed. 

Stop paying for dozens of sales software tools and trust some of the most popular SaaS offerings on the marketing to boost your agency sales:


1. HubSpot CRM for Customer Management

Nowadays, every agency should utilize the power of a reputable customer relationship management (CRM) software. There’s simply no excuse for why you wouldn’t, as these platforms make your interactions with your clients insanely easier.

With the right CRM, you can set goals and view helpful reports against your benchmark. For those with multiple salespeople on the books, you can see your team’s activity to keep up with their performance. Many CRMs can also track your productivity, displaying the number of calls, emails, meetings and other notes your team has made to lock down the client.

While there are other customer relationship management software platforms out there— like Pipedrive and Salesforce— we think HubSpot takes the crown. This CRM is a salesperson's best friend, offering a full Sales Hub dashboard with handy tools for tracking and landing the sale. From deal pipelines to automations, reporting to quote generation, it’s hard to beat HubSpot’s features.


2. Zoom for Face-to-Face Client Chats

In the digital agency world, it’s not uncommon to secure a customer halfway across the country— and let’s face it, you can’t always meet the client in person. Video calls are the next best thing to face-to-face conversations, and we love Zoom for its handy cloud conferencing features.

Chat with your prospects in clear HD video on your computer or on-the-go with the mobile app. You can easily share your screen to show those on the other line your sales presentation or to clarify exactly what they need help doing. 

Schedule meetings to include in both your and your prospects Google Calendar or inbox. Easily record calls to reference your conversations later. The perks are bountiful when using Zoom to land the sale. 


3. Drift for Client Messaging

You prospects aren’t always going to want to or need to jump on a video call. Sometimes a few quick messages will suffix, and while email certainly has its purpose, instant messaging is convenient for quick back-and-forths. 

Give your leads the answers they want, right away, by using a conversational marketing chat tool like Drift. This chat feature can be conveniently added to the bottom corner of your website for guests to start an instant conversation with a person on your team.

Automate common questions by their intelligent AI bots, which are capable of answering programmed queries until a real person can hop on the chat. Best of all, Drift integrates with the CRM HubSpot we featured above, to keep tabs on conversations and add new users to your contact list to market to afterwards.


4. Google Slides for Sales Presentations

Remember the days of Microsoft PowerPoint? While that tool is still quite popular, many agencies are embracing Google’s competing platforms, including Google Slides

Slides makes it easy to create quick graphics and text pages to give your clients a visual of your offerings. Customize your presentations about your prospects' specific needs and easily add videos, animations and more to engage your watchers.

Use this software in tandem with Zoom to give pitches over video or bring your laptop to your next meetup and sign on in seconds.


5. PandaDoc for Contracts & Renewals

Every salesperson needs to get their agreements down in legal binding form, and agencies are no different. Create clean and professional looking proposals with terms and conditions using PandaDoc.

This proposal management software features drag-and-drop templates to make placing your text easy and embeds signature fields to ensure your prospects are signing on the dotted line. Many agencies use PandaDoc for creating terms renewals, upsells and more.

This tool includes analytics to show you when users open and sign your documents and integrates with popular CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive and Salesforce to leverage the data you already have and to keep track of conversions. Best of all, when you partner with a PandaDoc distributor, you can get a great deal on this must-have software for your agency sales team and your clients.


Save on Your SaaS Tools with HubDo

These five tools can act as important sales software platforms to help team close more customers and upsell to current clients.

For those not using PandaDoc, we can help you create better proposals. Get the special edition of PandaDoc for agencies and consultants, including HubSpot Partners and Pipedrive Partners. Enjoy this software’s Enterprise single seats for less with HubDo : 

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