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"Saving Sales teams 2 to 3 hours per month"


Improved efficiency and Customer confidence with DoPricer CPQ


Rivertrace, a trusted leader in Oil in Water Quality Monitoring for over 35 years, prides itself on being an ISO 9001:2015 quality-assured company.

As well-established HubSpot users Rivertrace was searching for a solution to effectively manage the increasing number of pricing catalogues and discounts offered to its rapidly growing client base. A large Sales team just made it all the more essential to find help for them to formulate quotes and get the right pricing to customers quickly and effectively.

“DoPricer CPQ is a “Game changer!” in addressing the different pricing offers across the number of clients Rivertrace sells to.” Martin explains.

See the review from Martin Saunders, Rivertrace on the HubSpot Marketplace.


The Story of Rivertrace

Founded in 1983 by the Coomber family, Rivertrace has gained an impressive reputation with over 30,000 monitors and systems installed across the globe. Today, the company stands at the forefront of innovation, designing cutting-edge equipment and systems that not only meet but surpass the stringent environmental legislation requirements of the marine, offshore, and industrial sectors.

At the core of Rivertrace's expertise lies its unparalleled water quality monitoring technology, catering to the unique needs of the marine, offshore, and industrial industries. With a focus on customization, Rivertrace crafts tailor-made systems to address individual environmental monitoring requirements, including the monitoring of oily water discharges, EGCS wash water, boiler condensate, produced water, and slop water discharge.


The Challenge/Opportunity Rivertrace Faced Before DoPricer

Rivertrace primarily sells to B2B customers, including maritime providers for shipping and industrial companies that require standalone equipment from Rivertrace for large-scale factories and assembly lines. Additionally, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) purchase Rivertrace monitoring devices to incorporate into their own products, often with pricing in multiple currencies. This means that Rivertrace has multiple routes to market.

With hundreds of products and components, each sales order presented a challenge for the sales team to find the correct customer prices. The pricing often varies per catalogue, and there are numerous unique products available. In some cases, customers may have special agreements regarding specific parts of the product range or individual products.

The issue was that the salesperson had to manually look up the pricing information, which consumed valuable time. This process also increased the likelihood of quote errors. For new employees, there was a genuine concern about sending clients incorrect quotes.

“The main problem was ensuring that quotes and more importantly discounts were applied correctly. This involved a lot of training and cross-referencing different documents. We average between 250 and 300 quotes a month. Quotes can vary in difficulty depending on the product/solution involved. Despite cross-checking being in place, we were experiencing a few credit notes each month due to mistakes in quotes. This affected customer satisfaction. The number of quotes being escalated to our Sales Operations Manager was far greater pre-DoPricer.”  


How does DoPricer CPQ help Rivertrace?

For Rivertrace, "DoPricer is a game changer” - Martin Saunders, Rivertrace. DoPricer now automates all of Rivertrace’s customer discounts, price lists, and catalogue pricing inside HubSpot. Rivertrace sets the correct pricing or discount for each company using the company settings in HubSpot. 

So DoPricer manages each company’s price or discount that they're entitled to right down to an individual product item, in British Pounds or US dollars or any other currency Rivertrace is using.

Kevin Bartlett, Rivertrace: “It’s saving each Salesperson an average of 2 to 3 hours per month - time that was previously spent searching through spreadsheets to find the right prices. DoPricer has given our Sales team the confidence to send out quotes without the fear of getting the pricing wrong”

“DoPricer has also given our customers increased confidence in our quotes. Previously, some customers alerted us to incorrect pricing and our accounts department had to raise and manage credit notes."


The Result

Martin Saunders, Managing Director of Rivertrace: “The most important result in using DoPricer daily, is the accuracy and efficiency of our quotes. There are no delays in sending out quotes, as was previously. And because there are no errors and no delay, the customer gets that quote quickly. Our customers are getting used to getting perfect pricing from Rivertrace every time instead of only occasionally. Previously, if there were human errors, the customer advised Rivertrace and that would then cause the additional time needed by accounts to raise and manage Credit notes. Which also caused customer dissatisfaction.”

“Now Credit notes have been reduced significantly, and we can turn around quotes much quicker. More importantly, it has empowered our team and provided confidence with pre-loaded discounts (where applicable) being in place.”


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