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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of tuning a website to increase the odds of achieving higher rankings in the major search engines. Advanced or Intensive SEO Services are designed to address technical issues that will improve the performance of your website overall. There are no tricks or shortcuts to Search Engine Optimisation. Success ultimately depends on creating a site that is easy-to-use and has valuable content for users. A HubDo dedicated SEO Specialist uses their extensive knowledge and experience to accomplish urgent fixes and optimisation tasks that follow Google Approved SEO best practices including local search marketing strategies.

Search optimisation should be considered a long-term project — as the search engines evolve and your competitors improve their own positions, it makes sense to view your site as a live entity that needs to grow and adapt to this ever evolving landscape.


The HubDo SEO Difference:

Alongside our Foundation SEO DFY Service (ideal for Local Businesses) some competitive industries require a more intensive customised approach in order to get the business into the spotlight on Google's Organic Search results. Hence the additional tasks and technical updates included in Intensive SEO delivers over and above these fundamental tasks.

HubDo Intensive SEO builds onto these tasks by adding the strategic experience of an SEO Specialist to analyse data and foresee any changes and issues. Your assigned SEO Specialist will analyse the competitive landscape and progress attained each month, setting out a month by month focus and reporting each month on the results achieved. Intensive SEO includes custom reporting, dedicated SEO Specialist, recommendations and strategic plan, generated for you during the first week of each month.

Below is listed some (of many) tasks we undertake month on month:

  • Creating and connecting Google Tools & Google My Business Page.
  • Confirming or creating the Sitemap & submitting for indexing
  • Submission to Google of XML sitemaps for reindexing
  • Testing of robots.txt file
  • Setting up of correct canonical domain URL
  • Creation of Structured Data for indexing
  • HTML audit and recommendations for improvement if needed
  • Setting up of Goals in Google Analytics
  • Recommendations for http and https setting - SSL certificate (additional service)
  • Review and recommend on the Page Load Speed performance using Plugins etc. (Speed Upgrade additional service)
  • Keyword research and Plan
  • Target keyword mapping for Metadata
  • Metadata creation - Page Title and Description - commencing with Main Menu pages and building out month on month to subpages and blogs
  • Creation, setup of Bing Webmaster Tools account
  • Bing submission of XML sitemaps for reindexing
  • Technical audit monthly for broken links, broken images, server and site speed, SSL errors
  • Clarifying the target audience and rankings for the business
  • Reviewing competitors
  • EOM Reporting with details Recommendations & achievements


1. As Technical errors occur the SEO Specialist has the freedom to defer tasks in preference of fixing errors and broken items on the website.
We require 30 days notice of cancellation or change to this service. By filling in the form below you are agreeing to these terms of service.

What if I need to pause or cancel this service?

As there is a Setup Fee for getting started on any SEO service, you have the option to downgrade the account to a DIY monthly fee if you need to pause or cancel the services. The DIY fee will maintain the history of tasks, citations created and keyword ranking positions etc, already achieved. Please confer with your SEO Specialist and our Controller to ascertain the situation and recommendation regarding the account and cost to maintain this history.

If the client decides in future months to recommence the SEO service, and we have maintained the monthly DIY account, no further Setup fee will be necessary. However, if the account is cancelled completely and then requested to recommence in following months, a second Setup fee may apply. 

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