Have you ever been asked to leave an online review but you just didn’t know what to write?


This isn’t necessarily an indication of a poor experience. In fact, if you received a poor experience, I bet you could quite easily go to town on an online review.


Unfortunately, smooth and effortless services are often unmemorable services too. Don’t worry though, having the basics right is the first step to delighting your customers.


If you get that delight just right, then you won’t even need to ask your customers to leave a review as they’ll do it at the first opportunity they get.


In ‘The Power of Moments’ by Chip and Dan Heath, they use the acronym E.P.I.C as a tool to create a delightful experience. In my latest video, I go into detail about how I used it to get someone to leave me a review without asking.


I was only looking after someone’s house for a very short time, but I used my time there to create a scenario that would stick with the homeowner for a very long time. I can’t wait to share my experience with you.


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In this episode find out about:

  • - Why a smooth experience isn’t a memorable experience
  • - How to turn a smooth experience into a delightful one
  • - The four key elements of customer delight
  • - How I used E.P.I.C to get a positive online review


Important Links & Mentions

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