Alyssa Yap

Alyssa Yap
I believe that marketing and sales work together like Batman and Robin - you get the best results when both have to work in tandem. My experiences in customer service and sales have given me a strong understanding of customer pain points, which allows me to recognize the "why" behind their behaviour and develop customer-centric marketing strategies. Being a highly curious and ambitious individual, I continuously strive to be a better business person & I am always up for greater personal growth. My main passions are in health, food, SaaS and the start-up space.

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How Software Integrations Can Create Positive Customer Experiences

Posted by Alyssa Yap on 03-Oct-2019 18:14:24

Building Customer Success

In an omni-channel world, creating positive, memorable and consistent customer experiences are no longer a nice-to-have - it’s a must-have.

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Topics: Business Sucess, Customer Satisfaction, Unified Business

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