Lloyd Buraga

Lloyd Buraga
Lloyd has been a ghost…. writer since EzineArticles and Web 2.0 blogs were still a thing. As search engines grew wiser, he became hungrier to expand his digital marketing repertoire. He’s now a full-grown Inbound Marketer and SEO data junkie with a healthy obsession with memes, online games, basketball, and the science of taming curiosities.
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Migrating Website to HubSpot: Is It Worth It?

Posted by Lloyd Buraga on 01-Oct-2018 16:28:56
Your website is an essential component of your online visibility and business success. That’s why any tweak, update, or major change to your site should be an informed decision. I’d bet you’re reading this because you’ve opened yourself to the possibility of moving your website to another content management system (CMS) - like HubSpot.

Now you’re wondering: “Why on Earth should I consider HubSpot CMS?”

The team at work

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Topics: HubSpot, CMS, Website Migration

Help! My Organic Traffic Is Dropping!

Posted by Lloyd Buraga on 26-Sep-2018 08:52:03

As a website owner or digital marketer, whether you’re a data junkie or not, there’s a high possibility that you’ve experienced this:

Organic traffic has dropped all of a sudden, and you find yourself scratching your head trying to find out why.

You’re not alone. We’ve all experienced that momentary panic. However, don’t just stare at that disappointing graph. It’s best to get to the bottom of it so you can recover your traffic, leads, and possible sales.

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HTTP to HTTPS: Why You Have to Make the Move Now

Posted by Lloyd Buraga on 03-Sep-2018 00:00:00

Last January 2017, Google started a mission to make the web a secured and safer place for Internet users by showing security warnings for HTTP sites that collect passwords and credit card information. With the recent unveiling of Chrome 68, Google is said to be on its final stage of the mission as they are now marking all unencrypted sites to be “Not Secure”- even if they don’t have login forms or payment fields.

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Topics: SSL, Google, Website Security

Google’s Broad Core Algorithm: Update, Facts, and Advice

Posted by Lloyd Buraga on 31-Aug-2018 08:56:03

Earlier this August, Google’s public search liaison Danny Sullivan announced that a new Google broad core algorithm update has rolled out. Now before anything else, we want you to focus on two things here:

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Topics: Google, SEO

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