Pete Nicholls

Pete Nicholls
16+ Years of experience with Cisco Systems in multiple Business and Development roles Pete Nicholls, Managing Director of Localtag, is focused on giving good businesses an unfair advantage, through world-class support and services for Agencies and Consultants.
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Innovation Series Part 2 - How to Innovate for Customer Delight

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 06-Nov-2019 09:00:00


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Innovation Series Part 1 - Innovation Disloyalty

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 30-Oct-2019 09:00:00

Is it possible you could be annoying your customers? Having a loyal customer base will help spread word of mouth and increase your revenue. So how do you make sure that you are don’t do things that turn that customer away?

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3 Practical Steps for Customer Listening as a Unified Business

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 23-Oct-2019 09:00:00

Listening to your customers is integral to the growth of any business.

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How to Improve Customer Experience - Just Follow the Recipe!

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 16-Oct-2019 09:00:00


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Increase Customer Loyalty by Using Customer Lifetime Value to Create a Defection Funnel

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 09-Oct-2019 09:00:00


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6 Tips for Hosting your First 'Find Your Why' Discovery for an Individual

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 02-Oct-2019 09:00:00

Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur, a team leader, an employee or a stay-at-home parent, everyone has a WHY. Your why is the one constant that guides you towards true fulfilment in both your work life and personal life.

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3 Reasons a Unified Business Starts with WHY

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 25-Sep-2019 14:00:00


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5 Software Tools Every Agency Salesperson Should Have

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 29-Aug-2019 17:00:00

Your agency has sales to make and your team needs a few handy tools to close new customers!

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Topics: Sales Tools, Pandadoc

The Top SaaS Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 27-Aug-2019 17:00:00

Maybe you own a digital marketing agency and are looking to fill some holes in your system with the right software. Or, maybe you’re apart of a SaaS startup and in need of a fresh toolset. 

No matter how old or large your agency is, you’ll likely need a few core tools— at minimum— to operate seamlessly.  Here are the top SaaS tools to keep your marketing company running smoothly:

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Topics: agency software

5 Creative Ways Agencies Can Use PandaDoc

Posted by Pete Nicholls on 22-Aug-2019 08:40:00

Have you been researching proposal management software or other SaaS tools to improve your marketing agency’s processes?

If you’ve been seeing PandaDoc appear in searches, there are a few reasons why! This amazing tool can be used for far more than just proposal generation. Here are five creative ways to get the most out of PandaDoc:

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