Do you rely on Google to drive your sales?


These days, your customers are more likely to head to Google than a phonebook. That’s why you can no longer rely on just being found – you need to understand how search engines like Google work in order to rank and be visible to customers. That means making sure your website has search engine optimization (SEO) so you rank in the search engine results pages (SERP).


But even if you get advice will it always work? Anyone can call themselves an SEO guru. There are no qualifications or regulatory bodies. If you accidentally break the rules, you can find that your business has fallen off the virtual map.


In my latest video, the author's note from my book, ‘Salmon Fishing in the Google,’ I discuss how taking the time to understand Google’s complex algorithms will help you catch new customers. 


HubSpot Video


In this episode find out about:

  • - The importance of using SEO for your business
  • - The dangers of breaking search engine rules
  • - How not knowing how search engines work could be disastrous for your business
  • - How getting a basic understanding of SEO in my book ‘Salmon Fishing in the Google’ will help you catch and keep plenty of new customers


Watch out for more posts with exclusive excerpts from the book, coming soon.

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