Have you heard the phrase ‘underpromise and overdeliver’?


It’s a phrase all about setting expectations and can be used within your business and in your relationships too.


Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize winning psychologist, wrote in his book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ that that once we hear that something isn’t as easy as we’d first imagined, we become less disappointed when faced with that reality.


This is why it’s vital to be frank and honest with your clients at the start of your journey together.


Unfortunately, the majority of relationships with your clients hit a rough patch once in a while, but by underpromising, you have a much better chance of increasing customer delight.


In my latest video, I discuss how underpromising leads to customer delight from a field in Salzburg.


HubSpot Video


In this episode find out about:

  • - How underpromising leads to delight
  • - The works of Daniel Kahneman
  • - The art of underpromising and overdelivering
  • - How to make a winning start with your customers and clients


Important Links & Mentions

- Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman


Why Underpromising Helps Lead to Customer Delight


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